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ThisButterbeer recipetastes just like Butterbeer at Universal Studios. It’s rich cream soda and butterscotch flavors pair perfectly with the butterscotch whipped cream topping! It’s just like you’re in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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This Butterbeer recipe is so simple to make and tastes amazing. If you like cream soda, you’re going to love Butterbeer. It’s a popular drink for a reason. Not only does it remind kids (and many of us adults!) about the amazing Harry Potter books, but it tastes amazing!

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The Secret to Butterbeer!

My kids love Butterbeer, but we’ve only had it in Harry Potter world at Universal – until now.

If you haven’t been, the Harry Potter’s World at Universal Studios is a magical adventure where it feels like you are really IN Harry’s world! Imagine larger-than life buildings, Diagon Alley, restaurants, and fire-breathing dragons all in one setting.

t was amazing to see my kid’s favorite books come to life! The Harry Potter butterbeer was everyone’s favorite because it really makes the story feel real (and tastes delicious!).

I asked the Universal employee who was pouring butterbeer what the secret ingredient was… That’s when I knew that we’d definitely be able to make Butterbeer at home!!

What is Butterbeer?

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If you’ve landed on this page, I assume you already know what Butterbeer is, but just in case you’ve never heard of this delightful beverage I’ll tell you more about it. It originated in the Harry Potter book series. It’s a popular beverage at Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts.

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer is a cream soda drink that incorporates butterscotch flavor into the soda, and also has butterscotch infused into a layer of cream that floats on top of the sweet drink.

Butterbeer came to life for humans at Universal Orlando Resort when they opened the Harry Potter worlds at the theme park. They make and serve Butterbeer at Universal – and it’s divine! It really brings the books to live when you can taste something that you’ve only read about.

The only place you can actually order official Butterbeer is at one of the two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks, so learning how to make a copycat Butterbeer version is a real treat for the kids at home.

There is also a frozen version of the drink that tastes equally amazing.

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What’s in Butterbeer?

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Butter Beer Recipe

cream soda– canned or bottled cream soda drink is the base for this recipe.

butterscotch syrup– don’t skimp on this ingredient – it’s the key to butterbeer. Caramel won’t give you the same flavor. You can find butterscotch syrup or butterscotch sauce where you find chocolate syrup in the grocery store.

heavy cream– we used heavy whipping cream, but any heavy cream will work. Regular milk won’t get thick enough.

sugar– use white granulated sugar so it mixes in perfectly with the whipped cream

vanilla– use good, pure vanilla extract for the best flavor

butter– melted butter adds a richness that compliments the butterscotch inside the main part of the drink, and thus, gives butterbeer part of its name!

How To Make Butterbeer

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  1. Start by combining the cream soda and butterscotch syrup in a bowl. Whisk together until butterscotch is fully incorporated.
  2. With an electric mixer with whisk attachment, whisk the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Then, fold in sugar, vanilla, and melted butter until incorporated.
  3. Pour the cream soda mixture into mugs and top with whipped cream
  4. For an added indulgence, drizzle butterscotch or caramel syrup on top of the whipped cream
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Butterbeer Recipe Variations

There are three main types of Butterbeer.

Cold – this is the version we like the best and have recreated in this recipe. It’s the closest you can get to the Butterbeer you buy at Universal.

Hot – an alternative is to make the regular Butterbeer, it’s like a creamy hot chocolate, but made with butterscotch flavoring.

Frozen – this version is also sold at Universal. It’s delicious, like like the original. This version is like drinking a slushie – chopped ice is added to the regular version and blended until smooth.

Butterbeer Storage

Butterbeer can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to two days. We recommend you make the cream topping separately, right before serving.

We miss having the real thing, but let me tell you, our Butterbeer recipe tastes just as good! It’s like going to Universal all over again! I’m sure even J.K. Rowling would love this copycat recipe of her original butterbeer she made so popular.

Butterbeer is a tasty drink that’s perfect for a Harry Potter movie marathon, Harry Potter birthday parties, or any kind of party. Huge Harry Potter fans (and even those who haven’t read the books or seen the movies) absolutely love it.

We love Butterbeer so much that we made Butterbeer ice cream too!

If you love theme park drinks, you have to try Disney’s Dole Whip recipe next!

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Harry Potter Butter Beer Copycat Recipe

Course Drinks

Cuisine American

Prep Time 10 minutes minutes

Total Time 10 minutes minutes

ThisButterbeer recipetastes just like Butterbeer at Universal Studios. It’s rich cream soda and butterscotch flavors pair perfectly with the butterscotch whipped cream topping! It’s just like you’re in Harry Potter’s world!


  • 4 cans cream soda
  • 1/4 cup butterscotch syrup
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 Tbsp. sugar
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1/4 cup butter unsalted, melted


  • In large mixing bowl, combine cream soda and butterscotch syrup. Whisk to combine.

  • In electric mixer with whisk attachment, beat heavy cream until stiff peaks form – this will take 2-4 minutes.

  • Fold in sugar and vanilla and melted butter until combined. Don't over mix.

  • Evenly pour cream soda mixture into four mugs and spoon on whipped topping.

  • (Optional) drizzle whipped cream with butterscotch or caramel syrup.


Calories: 710kcal | Carbohydrates: 89g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 40g | Saturated Fat: 26g | Cholesterol: 112mg | Sodium: 202mg | Potassium: 58mg | Sugar: 88g | Vitamin A: 1229IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 74mg | Iron: 1mg

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Butterbeer Recipe - Balancing Motherhood (2024)


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