Everything to Know About the 12 Houses in Astrology and What They Mean, According to an Astrologer (2024)

If you've been slowly getting into astrology, you've probably read or noticed there are houses on your chart.

An essential part of your natal chart, the houses in astrology are another way to get insight into the things that make you tick, how you relate to people and, overall, how you navigate the world around you — career, relationships, conflict, etc.

Each house brings a different element to your overall personality, therefore, it is essential to understand and cultivate a connection with ourselves and the world around us.

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These houses can inform the type of energy you want to put out and can reflect who you are as a person, enabling you to define your life in the process or at least help you find your way through the seasons of your life.

Read on for a breakdown of the 12 houses in astrology and find out what they mean.

How to find the houses on your birth chart

Your birth chart consists of 12 sections, each representing one of the houses. From your ascendant, aka the first house, you'll go counterclockwise to track the subsequent houses. You'll also notice that each house holds a zodiac sign and also has planetary placements.

How are the houses classified on your birth chart?

The houses in the birth chart are classified as angular, succedent and cadet.

The angular houses are the first house (AC/ascendant), the fourth house (IC/imum coeli), the seventh house (DC/descendent) and the tenth house (midheaven/MC/medium coeli).

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The angular houses have the most significant impact on us because they have cardinal energy and make things happen.

The succedent houses are the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh houses. These are productive sectors in which we flourish. They have fixed energy, which means they like to keep tradition and do the work they’re supposed to.

The succedent houses are the third, sixth, ninth and the twelfth house. They have mutable energy which means they depict transition, growth and change. They are always busy plotting new ideas and projects.

How to interpret the houses on your birth chart

When you're looking at your birth chart it's important to pay attention to the houses as they portray a different dynamic of your lives and personality. Each house is governed by a sign and there also planets in every house and that's what makes your chart unique to you.

For example, you can have Venus in your first house, making you a charming and calming person. However, another person could have Venus in their eighth house and that would make them a very fiery, passionate and driven person.

The sign governing also adds another layer. If you have Venus in your first house and then it's governed by Sagittarius, that means you may be a calming presence, but you may have an edgy way of expressing your sentiments. Additionally, having Sagittarius ruling the eighth house means your life is all about adventure as you're not only passionate, but you're someone who needs excitement.

The 12 houses in astrology and what they mean

The First House of Identity and Self

The first house is known as the rising sign or ascendant and is considered to be the anchor of the astrological chart. It is the furthest left point of the essential horizon line and reveals which zodiac sign was rising from the eastern horizon at your time of birth.

This sign is all about how perceive you. Let's say you are Gemini with a Scorpio rising, that means while you have the bubbly and chatty makings of a Gemini, you appear to be someone who's very focused to others. This would differ from a Gemini sun with a Pisces who may be perceived to be dreamier and more creative.

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The ascendant shows how you come across to others and how you define yourself. It also reveals the ruling planet of your birth chart. For example, if you have a Virgo rising, your ruling planet would be Mercury which makes you an overall analytical person. If you have a Cancer rising, your ruling planet would be the Moon, heightening your emotions.

The first house is associated with the sign Aries and planet Mars.

The Second House of Money and Possessions

The second house represents one’s finances, the material realm, confidence and possessions. This house focuses on personal resources and self-esteem. It shows how, where, and why you find security in the things you do.

Your second house can help you find ways to earn money and help you pinpoint the things that are worthy of your time and energy. Many astrologers also connect this house with childhood friends because they are the basis of camaraderie for the future.

The second house is associated with the sign Taurus and planet Venus.

The Third House of Communication

The third house allows us to have insightful and meaningful communication with others. This house aids in how we express ourselves and receive information or news. It also allows us to bond and connect with siblings on a deeper level.

Not only that, but it also describes our relationship with these individuals. Beyond that, the third house dictates your ties with the local community and early schooling — particularly the impact they both have on you.

This house is associated with the sign Gemini and the planet Mercury.

The Fourth House of Home and Family

The fourth house is a sensitive point in the birth chart because it is the most intimate house, therefore, it is highly significant in how one feels about themselves and the world around them.

The fourth house gives us an indication of our personal foundation. This includes family, heritage, tradition and home. Astrologers look to the fourth house to decipher how a person relates to the parental influences in their lives, nostalgia and sentimentality.

The fourth house is associated with the sign Cancer and the Moon.

The Fifth House of Self-Expression and Romance

If you are looking to take a chance and invest in an endeavor, speculative sport or connect with your gifts, then look to the fifth house.

This sector of the birth chart represents many different things, ranging from your inner talents to the types of entertainment you're into. It speaks to our creative side and informs where and how we find pleasure in our lives.

This house is associated with the sign Leo and the Sun.

The Sixth House of Health and Daily Routines

The sixth house depicts our daily routine and the rituals that we choose to practice every day and can tell us the health issues or concerns that may be chronic, ongoing, or occur in our lifetime. It can also allow us to see how we can overcome those obstacles and get healthy by finding an activity that works best for us.

The sixth house also helps us describe the relationship we have with our coworkers, employees and people who occupy our workspaces.

The sixth house is associated with the sign Virgo and the planet Mercury.

The Seventh House of Partnerships and Relationships

The seventh house concentrates on interpersonal relationships, friendships, marriage, commitments and partnerships. It also focuses on contracts and agreements that we sign with others.

The juxtaposing energy of this sector allows us to see who our open enemies are — (those who we are in public strife with and know we aren't fond of) — and how we relate to these people. But, we can also learn here how to make up and reconnect with those individuals.

This house is associated with the sign Libra and the planet Venus.

The Eighth House of Personal Evolution and Transformation

The eighth house is about personal evolution, reproduction, taxes, and transformation. It is the "Rock & Roll" house of the birth chart because it relates to the edgier sentiments that are rarely shown to others.

Astrologers often look here to see how one can pay off debt or taxes as well as how we overcome obstacles. Intuition, obsession, possession and emotions can run deep through this house.

This house is associated with the sign Scorpio and the planets Mars and Pluto.

The Ninth House of Philosophy and Higher Learning

The ninth house in the birth chart allows you to embrace your personal philosophical beliefs by being mindful of the world around you and also gives you a chance to get out of your comfort zone by traveling to foreign places, tasting exotic flavors and embracing your spirituality.

It evolves around higher education, like college, graduate school, medical school and beyond, while urging us to ignite our intelligence and understand our moral code.

This house is associated with the sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.

The Tenth House of Career and Public Image

The tenth house represents our social standing and what we put out there for others to see or judge. Our public image and our career are found here. What the tenth house shows us depends on what we want to do for a living. It showcases ourprofessional calling and aspirations.

This house is associated with the sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn.

The Eleventh House of Hopes and Goals

The eleventh house gives you the chance to align with like-minded groups of people, community, social causes and to define your hopes, aspirations and goals for the future. This house is where you can see how society has grown, progressed and brought innovation.

The eleventh house is associated with the sign Aquarius and the planets Saturn and Uranus.

The Twelfth House of Secrets

The twelfth house focuses on matters we deal with behind the scenes and the secrets we never share. Our dreams and subconscious rule this area of the birth chart, giving us insight into how we handle our mental health, punishment and frenemies.

This house is associated with the sign Pisces and the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

Everything to Know About the 12 Houses in Astrology and What They Mean, According to an Astrologer (2024)


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