Free Things to Do: Best of Washington, DC | Washington DC (2024)

Discover the best free experiences, attractions and things to do in the nation's capital

The list of free things to do in DC is quite long, headlined by Smithsonian museums, the National Gallery of Art, the monuments and memorials and annual events and festivals. We’ve detailed some of the most popular activities here, so on your next family trip to DC, make sure you cross all of these off of your bucket list! And if you're looking to go even further in-depth on free attractions, check out our Headliners that cover both outdoor destinations and magnificent museums (and the Smithsonian's National Zoo).


Explore the National Mall

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Touring the National Mall should top your list of must-do’s when you visit the District. Free monuments, memorials and museums are all around, including the famous Lincoln and Jeffersonmemorials and the popular National Museum of African American History and Culture. Walk next to the Reflecting Pool and you can hear American history in your footsteps, from the sacrifices made by soldiers to the powerful words of Martin Luther King, Jr.



Experience Black Lives Matter Plaza

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Located along a two-block area of 16th Street NW in Downtown DC, the famous mural features the words “Black Lives Matter” in 50-foot-tall letters, in yellow and all caps, as well as the flag of the District. The area is open to visitors at any time of the day, allowing for reflection on the words emblazoned on the street. Many visitors take photographs of the large yellow letters that stretch down one of the nation's most iconic streets.


Take in the Smithsonian museums

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These are America’s museums, so there is no charge to visit them! AllSmithsonian museums have interactive components and unparalleled collections of artifacts. The hard part is choosing which ones to visit. Visitors often flock to the National Air and Space Museum for its journeys into space and the National Museum of American History for its in-depth look at our nation’s past. Also, be sure to check out the recently renovated Freer | Sackler Galleries, which are dedicated to Asian art.


Tour DC’s premier cultural arts center

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Take a free tourof the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Guided tours depart every ten minutes, and docents discuss its artwork, 50-foot Austrian chandelier, interactive exhibit on the life of President Kennedy and the panoramic view of the city from its marvelous Rooftop Terrace. Tours are available in 17 languages. There’s also a free shuttle to the Kennedy Center from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop, which leaves every 15 minutes from 9:45 a.m. – midnight Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. – midnight on Saturdays and 12 p.m. – midnight on Sundays.


Enjoy a guided walking tour with DC by Foot

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Go for a stroll with DC by Foot's knowledgeable tour guides. The company offers an array of experiences, including tours of the National Mall, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Arlington Cemetery, as well as night-time themed tours like Secrets & Scandals and a White House Ghost Tour. Although the tours are free, tipping your guide is highly recommended.


Check out the largest library in the world

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You will be dazzled as soon as you step into the magnificent Library of Congress. The Thomas Jefferson Building provides the best visitor experience, with gorgeous Gilded Age architecture accompanied by special exhibits and the Library’s incredible collection of books, papers, recordings, maps and much, much more.


Marvel at the National Capitol Columns

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The National Arboretum is a 446-acre agricultural wonder in the heart of the District that does not charge admission. The oasis also features the historic National Capitol Columns that supported the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol from 1828-1958. The columns make for a jaw-dropping Instagram photo.


Observe our nation’s historic documents inside the National Archives

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National Archives

The National Archives Building is home to more than three billion records in total, including the three most important documents in American history: the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These can be viewed in the building’s Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom. Make sure to also check out the Public Vaults, which usually has more than 1,000 fascinating documents on display.


Discover amazing works at the National Gallery of Art

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Three acres of skylights illuminate the masterworks at the National Gallery of Art. On par with the world’s most important art museums, the National Gallery was established with a gift from Andrew Mellon in 1937. In this marble temple are invaluable works of art from every era, including the only Leonardo Da Vinci painting in the Americas, Ginerva de’ Benci. Make sure to visit the East Building, the museum's modern art wing designed by renowned architectI.M. Pei.


Stroll through historic Georgetown

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Originally a key transit point for farmers selling tobacco in the 1700s, the city of Georgetown actually predates Washington, DC by nearly 100 years. Georgetown’s mostly Federal and Georgian-style homes have been artfully preserved, and there are more than four hundred shopping, dining and nightlife options there, making for a day full of exploration.


Peep the latest decorations on Palmer Alley

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Palmer Alley is the highlight of CityCenterDC, a majestic walk decorated with different seasonal features throughout the year. The fixtures, which range from pink balloons during cherry blossom season to bright lights around the holidays, are picturesque and beg for Instagram love. CityCenterDC also frequently offers free events.


Marvel at the power of language at Planet Word

Planet Word is the world’s first voice-activated museum and brings language and words to life with immersive and interactive exhibits for all ages. Visitors can deliver a famous speech, watch a library book come to life, sing karaoke tunes and more. The museum also offers a variety of virtual programs.


Transport back in time at the National Museum of Natural History's Hall of Fossils

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TheSmithsonian National Museum of Natural History's31,000-square-footDeep Timeexhibit, borrowed from a scientific phrase that illustrates how Earth’s history has played out over billions of years, is acan’t-miss free experience in DC. Prepare to be amazed, overwhelmed, engaged, dazzled – you name it.Deep Timeis one of the biggest exhibitions to come to DC in years and should be at the top of your to-do list.


Visit the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

This Frank Gehry-designed outdoormemorial was erected in honor of the nation’s 34th president and Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II. The space became a spectacular addition to DC’s lineup of monuments in the fall of 2020. Located at 540 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024, the site honors Eisenhower’s legacy in a four-acre urban park and features a variety of pieces that symbolize his inspirational feats.

If you're looking for more free things to do, make sure to check out our family-friendly favorites.

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Free Things to Do: Best of Washington, DC | Washington DC (2024)


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