Re:Zero-The Divine Paradox - Chapter 12 - HankookSatusgai - Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 (2024)

Chapter 11: Re:encounter

Roswaal looked with open eyes at Clind who was also with a worried look. He told his contractor about the problem that was unleashed by the Witch Cult and that they must act quickly to avoid it. He must capture Hector again, but Clind wasn't sure anymore.

He didn't feel right at all to try the Heart Seal again. He could die mid-sealing.

Roswaal would look at the cloud of dirt and how the red beam of mana emanated strongly. The barrier repairs itself in the sky as if nothing had happened.

It was obvious that Hector and Heilon were responsible. It was easy to guess but still he felt lost without the Tome of Wisdom on him. Heilon had mocked him in his face and took the Tome of Wisdom from him without him realizing it.

He had underestimated Heilon and thought he was a puppeteer, but Heilon was the real puppeteer of this game. He had to go to the sanctuary and solve this somehow.

Roswaal: (Heilon...How many attempts did it take for you to get this result?)

He asked himself with a serious look while Ram looks worriedly at his lord. She knew something had happened and he was that serious about it.

Out of nowhere, Rem and Ram feel like their horns wanted to come out and they partially did. Her horns emerged from their foreheads to disappear again. They were resonating with Heilon's Oni power like a resonance, similar to synesthesia.

Everyone looked at this and Emilia was the most concerned about the situation since there was a lot that she was not understanding.

Emilia: Who is Hector?

She ask, quite curious since when Clind mentioned it. Roswaal and Clind seemed very worried, more about the fact that he was related to the Witch Cult.

Puck: Don't worry about it, Lia.

Puck said trying to calm his contractor and prevent her from worrying too much. He only knew one Hector who was a danger. The Witcher of Melancholy.

Clind: Roswaal, what should we do?

Roswaal invited them inside the mansion to help Clind recover. Once inside. Roswaal was in his study with Clind, he needed all the information possible before acting. Without it, he didn't know what to do.

Roswaal: How did Hector free himself? Tell me everything in detail.

Clind: At you order. I was serving Miss Annerose until the mansion was invaded by two Archbishops. The Archbishops of Gluttony who had the key that i kept with several magical seals under the mansion. They had knowledge of the Sealing of the Heart.

Clind said remembering how after they left, he saw blue eyes in the darkness that then disappeared and then the mansion went up in flames. They had to escape as quickly as possible.

Clind: It must be Pandora. It must be her...There is no other explanation.

Roswaal: Pandora...

If she was involved in all this, then they are in a worse position than he thought. Roswaal now had to act quickly.

Roswaal: Clind, stay here while I go to the Sanctuary.

Clind was going to protest, but he stays silent. He would stay here with Annerose to keep her safe from harm. Besides now without having Hector inside him, he no longer has the Authority of Melancholy to fight. He could support Roswaal but in the state he is in right now, he highly doubted it.

Roswaal leaves the room to go where the others were. He had to go to the Sanctuary and be ready in case he had to fight Hector. It was quite a coincidence that after he freed himself, there was great chaos near the location of the Sanctuary.

Does Pandora want to finish off Heilon or was it a coincidence that Heilon and Hector fought? It must have been the two of them. He couldn't imagine anyone else causing Heilon to release that red aura that he only saw when he temporarily became an Oni.

He was training during these centuries to fight Hector if necessary. Luckily he has both of his Oni now with horns so he doesn't have to worry.

Roswaal: Fredericaaa~ you will stay here with little Petra, I will take Miss Emilia along with my maids Ram and Reeem~

Frederica: Yes, my lord. I will take care of the mansion along with the others in your absence.

Roswaal with his smile retreats to where Emilia was with Rem and Ram. It was already dawn. He had to advance his plans and take Emilia to the Sanctuary.

Roswaal: Emilia-sama, should we go to the Sanctuary~

Emilia: The Sanctuary?

Puck was very serious upon hearing about the Sanctuary. If they went there then things were serious and he hoped to entrust Emilia to Heilon at least for now. Although now that he thinks about it, maybe it was a bad idea since Heilon was just as suspicious


Heilon and Hector look at each other Hector is the one who makes his first move, starting to use strength spells to increase his abilities while Heilon just watches with his bright red eyes.

He had been reborn as the Oni God and now with that part restored, he had confidence in himself.

Ara: Shouldn't you stop him? He is getting stronger with those spells.

The Witch of Guilt asked with serious concern. All the witches at some point had faced Hector at least once, although Hector's focus was always Echidna. They knew the danger that the subject obviously represented.

Heilon: I'll let him get stronger, anyways he's spending mana.

He said with that smile. The adrenaline was still running through his veins and he liked it. It was the Euphoria in his being that made him feel so good and alive. His red horns glowed and released red rays in all directions.

Echidna looked curiously at the Oni God transformation. It was something that she only knew through rumors and she really found it interesting since the Oni God was a divine being on mortal land.

Knowing that Heilon had that power made her hungry to know more about this Divine Power. More than she wanted to know what happened when Heilon was absorbed by the black hole. Since to them, he had appeared fully recovered with his body looking younger.

Hector finishes his spells to look at Heilon who was just beginning to float in the air.

Heilon: Hmph! I see that you are finally ready.

He said releasing steam from his mouth as Heilon's body finished regenerating completely as well after having received a large amount of damage from Hector's planetoids. He had to cushion the damage from those meteorites with Garfiel's Singular Gift.

He used the vibrations to take the Kinetic energy into Potential energy which now accumulates in his body to prevent the impact from causing real damage to the entire continent. He now only saved that energy for the right moment.

Hector charges magic to his wand to concentrate a red dot of mana at the tip and then shoot like lightning at Heilon who at high speed only crouches a little or moves his shoulder slightly to the sides, avoiding Hector's magical attacks without any problem.

Hector had to guess that Heilon's capabilities had to increase to monstrous levels. He had even broken the barrier that covers the world of the Sentient Sacred Tree with just his aura, that barrier made to prevent outside influences from intervening with this world.

Heilon clap his hands and from his back right on his shoulders come 3 more hands made of something that looked like black metal, having 8 hands in total. His hands were also covered with this metal, looking like armor for his hands.

He had invoked his power of [Divine Trigrams].

Heilon: Sky, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth, Thunder, Fire and Lake. The 8 Divine Trigrams.

He said with a smile. It was his first time using [Divine Trigrams] and although it was strange to have 6 extra hands, he felt good at the same time. While trying out the new hands he dodged an invisible impact that caused a large crater in the ground and forcibly tore the earth apart. Heilon flies at high speed against a mountain and passes through it.

To Hector, Heilon moved so fast that he looked like a red blur. The ground shook and Hector watched as the mountain began to rise into the sky. Heilon was under the mountain holding her while he flew.

Heilon: Catch this, Warlock!

He said to throw the mountain at him with a big smile. Hector used Invisible Impact and with a single blow, he destroyed the mountain completely and among the falling rubble, Heilon is seen with a kick that Hector manages to block with his hand, but the force pushes them both.

Hector clenched his fist tightly to fire more of these hits at Heilon like a rain. He was using his Authority to its full potential.

Heilon received the impacts and then disappeared from Hector's sight who looked around, looking for Heilon, who, like red blurs, moved at high speed to a point where there were several afterimages of Heilon surrounding Hector.

All with a smile and red eyes. Hector instantly undoes the barrier from him to this time creates several black holes around him and increases their sizes to move them in all directions causing Heilon to be stopped by one of these.

Hector: There you are-

Heilon: Beelzebub!

He said Heilon to use [Beelzebub] in offensive mode on him. [Reality Eater] appears as a large vortex that like a tornado swallows the black holes and makes them disappear from existence.

Hector was surprised that his black holes were erased from existence. Something that usually consumes everything, was consumed. But he didn't give up when he focused all of his power on Heilon and created a black hole once again next to him to try to absorb him once again.

But unfortunately for him, Heilon was not absorbed. Heilon had his hand inside the black hole and slowly makes it disappear with [Fantasy Eater]. He simply had to activate it inside the black hole and POOF, is gone.

Gravity was no longer affecting him like before. Heilon continued with that smile. He was really trying to ignore the feeling of the void swallowing him after his death. Although something was happening. With each death, he lost part of the humanity he had left.

Maybe he should avoid using [Return By Death] or [Respawn By Death] as much as possible. Or perhaps that was the path he should take? At this point he didn't know but he didn't care, he was just enjoying this fight.

Hector fired several magical projectiles that Heilon stopped by waving his hand causing a strong blizzard to deflect them everywhere causing explosions in the surrounding area. Heilon goes against Hector who takes a defensive pose, but Heilon flies past him, when Hector looks back Heilon was not there anymore and he appeared in front of Hector to hit him in the belly, knocking all the air out of him.

He didn't stop there as 3 more hands went against his stomach like a chain of attacks. With each blow given, Hector feels his insides shake to spit out blood and be thrown out by the force of Heilon's blows. Now he had to worry about Heilon's 8 hands.

Hector waves his hand invoking an invisible force that begins to destroy everything in its path like a tornado to which Heilon closes his fist and waves it in the same way and creates a great sweep of mana that collides with Hector's force and both cancel each other. each other, causing great chaos and earthquake.

Heilon almost joins his palms and begins to create a bubble of mana that spreads and covers the entire battlefield, creating a dome where Hector and Heilon were. It is a magical spell from Sagitta to prevent the chaos of combat from affecting the outside that he learn.

He didn't want this match to get more out of control and cause more damage. Heilon puffs out his cheeks and releases a large tide of blue flames that cover the surroundings, but Hector covers himself with his barrier and takes no damage.

At least Heilon couldn't fill his attacks with that black aura that managed to penetrate his barrier. When the blue flames ended, they only left smoke around, blocking Hector's vision.

Heilon smiles as he draws his pistols and points forward, hearing Heiko's voice echo in his mind while he was still in his Euphoric state.

Heiko: The sharper you sharpen your resolve, the stronger you become.

Out of nowhere several projectiles were aimed at Hector but his barrier stops him without any problem. It was Heilon who created small swords of red mana and fired them as a spear against the barrier and also fired his pistols at the barrier.

Hector focused on defending himself and was about to fire an Invisible Impact at Heilon, but a tentacle surrounded by a black aura came out of the ground and surrounded Hector's leg.

Hector: How is it possible?

He looked at Heilon and saw that a tentacle came out of his shoulder and penetrated the ground, but how did he not see it? Heilon smiles as he had used [Asmodeus] to alter Hector's vision so that he does not see the [Leviathan] Tentacle.

Heilon pulls his hand and the tentacle drags Hector who sinks into the ground and appears next to Heilon so that him, still holding Hector with [Leviathan], begins to turn on his axis and begins to hit Hector against everything that was in the middle, like trees and rocks.

Hector, for his part, releases a wave that destroys the tentacle and is released while [Leviathan] contracts back into Heilon who puffs out his cheeks again and spits out a black tide that begins to move as if it were its own life and take the shapes of small snakes that then they become big.

It was the poison of the Black Serpent that he now possessed after defeating it. The poison goes against Hector who protects himself with his barrier as he understands Heilon's objective. He must have been focusing on protecting himself from [Black Water] not having enough focus to attack.

But he had other ways of attacking other than his Authority. Hector points his wand at the poison and uses the wind element to repel it and then stomps his foot hard to which Heilon sees how the entire ground breaks more than it is and rocks begin to float in the air.

The entire place was in zero gravity. Hector jumps to stay in the air and create more of those transparent spheres that he throws in all directions to once again create small planetoids.

The Black Water like a snake begins to jump from rock to rock until it reaches Hector who focuses on the barrier to protect himself from the living poison. He had to get rid of this thing or he would end up in a bad position.

Hector concentrates and creates a black hole that sucks the black liquid completely, removing the poison from him but that was part of Heilon's plan who was already behind Hector who waited for this and put the tip of his wand behind him to stop him. letting out a large beam of mana, impacting Heilon.

But to his surprise, Heilon was in front with a big smile and began to rain blows on him with his 8 hands. Heilon had used [Asmodeus] to create an illusion of himself to attack Hector so that Hector himself would attack the illusion while the original Hector took him by surprise.

Hector was shot by Heilon's kick, crashing into several rocks in his path that floated due to the lack of gravity until Hector crashed into a rock and was pinned to it. Hector wondered what kind of monster Heilon was.

So many rare abilities and capable of defying the logic and laws of the universe such as gravity.

Heilon: What's wrong, Hector? To much to you?

He said smiling on top of a floating rock as Hector slowly stands up to look at him.

Hector: You really are troubleee...

He said with his tone that Roswaal had copied. He was really frustrated that he couldn't kill Heilon.

Hector: Who are you? How can there be a being as pitiful as you? Why should I deal with you?

Heilon: Don't be depressed, Warlock. My name is Heilon Satsugai and I am just an ordinary young man trying to discover the truth of this world.

Hector: (Satsugai...Wasn't that the name of a now extinct clan? Name that means kill/murder/massacre. What a bizarre and overwhelming clan name)

Hector thought, having a little knowledge of the cursed Clan.

Heilon: But perhaps to you members of the Witch Cult you know me as the Archbishop of Envy, Abell.

Hector opens his eyes slightly because he knew the story. It was a common story in the Witch Cult. The chosen one of "Her" and Satella.

Heilon: It seems like you know me too hahaha.

He said even with that smile that bothered the Witcher the most who fired an invisible impact against Heilon who dodged by spinning in the air to fall on another rock since the previous one was destroyed by the impact.

Heilon fires a beam of mana at Hector but Hector, using the [Vectors], stopped it and reflected it with much more force towards Heilon who dodges by simply moving his head to the side of him.

Heilon: You shouldn't be angry. You are not the Warlock of Wrath...You know what? I will tell you something. Since this fight began you had already lost because you see, with every second that passes during the battle I become stronger, faster, better. No matter how strong my opponent is, I will adapt and evolve to become three times as strong, don't you think that's great?!

He said with the smile of him full of ego and pride. Hector, already tired of listening to him, ran his hand over his cheeks full of his black tears, which he threw at Heilon, who jumped back again to avoid him, seeing how that black liquid stuck to the rocks and spread until it was completely covered and then multiplied. in more of that black liquid.

Echidna: That is Hector's Singular Gift. It allows him to throw that black liquid that sticks to anything and begins to multiply. Do not touch it...if you do you will stick to them and you will not be able to move because they have the property of inducing the effect of slowness.

Hector continued to throw more of that black liquid everywhere to create space between him and Heilon. Once he achieves it, he closes his fist to create an even larger transparent sphere and throws it into the sky next to the planetoids.

He closes his fist and all the planetoids begin to gather together until they make one bigger one. He planned to hit it against the earth and destroy everything. Nothing mattered to him anymore, he just wanted to destroy Heilon along with him and maybe like that... See her again, Echidna.

Heilon saw the liquid wanting to catch it, but simply with a vortex of [Beelzebub] he swallowed all traces of the liquid to look up seeing the enormous planetoid that covered the sky. The sun was now in sight.

Heilon: Wow...It's already dawn, it means time is running out.

With all the disaster, Roswaal must already know and he has to be on his way. But at least now the Divine Protection of the Sun was activated and Heilon released more of his aura, feeling the power run through his body.

He felt full of energy and happy. Hector finishes creating the huge planetoid and as quickly as possible fills it with an aura of mana to increase its impact force and then fires it hard at Heilon.

Heilon simply snaps out of his state of pure bliss to open his hand and summon another massive [Beelzebub] vortex surrounding the massive planetoid to instantly eat it and erase it from existence.

Hector looked at this with his eyes slightly open. The planetoid that took so much effort to form was swallowed in a second by that strange power. It caused his Melancholy to increase and with it his power.

Heilon for his part holds his hand. He had lost control of the vortex for a bit and had to make it disappear quickly. It was addictive but a bad calculation and his own power could destroy everything without meaning to.

His thoughts were disturbed by Hector who began to take control of the floating rocks and launch them as projectiles at Heilon with the force of a cannonball that could penetrate mountains. Hector was really trying to kill him without mercy.

Satella: Heilon... You must end him quickly, having Oni mode activated for a long time is very dangerous.

Heilon hears Satella's whispering voice and she seemed very worried. Heilon just nods.

Heilon just jumps, breaking the ground from the force of his momentum. But on his way to Hector. Hector takes out a different wand to use strange magic, causing several floating rocks to come together and take the shapes of Golems.

Heilon: Trying to increase your numbers won't help you!

The first golem tried to hit Heilon but he blocked it with his hand to pass through the Golem. The second fired several magic projectiles but Heilon took them out of the air to gather them and with it, hit the second Golem and destroy it.

The third tried to cut Heilon with a stone sword, but Heilon kicked the hand, destroying it to grab the sword and cut him in half with it.

Heilon at high speed was already behind Hector and slowly took out Excalibur. Masses of the lesser spirits gathered where Heilon and began to dance as the arrival of the Messiah.

The Witches open his eyes when he see the power emanating from the sword Excalibur. Hector was going to turn to attack Heilon with his gravity force, but Heilon gave a slash that sent a white mana slash that hits Hector's barrier but he does not worry since he had his barrier at its maximum, but the surprise came later.

The cut managed to sever the space and caused a deep cut on Hector's back, spurting blood.

The sword capable of CHALLENGING everything, It challenge space.

Hector: Agh!!!

Hector feels the great pain in his back and the warmth of his blood as Heilon put his mana-imbued sword in his sheath. The sheath works as a filter that draws the mana from the sword to prevent chaos.

Hector began to use the water element again to heal himself, but Heilon took the opportunity to enter the now torn barrier to grab him by the face and go against the ground, impacting Hector's head against the ground, raising a cloud of dirt.

If it weren't for the strengths spells that Hector used in himself, he would have died right there without a doubt.

Hector in an instant, hits several invisible impacts throughout Heilon's body until it draws blood from his mouth and then with the invisible force sends him flying away.

Heilon was shot away, but turned around in the air to stand with that smile as he wiped the dirt off of his clothes.

Heiko: Wishes alter your path of power. The Factors respond to your feelings and transform thoughts into power.

Heiko's whisper was heard in Heilon's mind as he summons the tentacle [Leviathan] in his hands which then multiplies into several tentacles that go against Hector.

Hector clenches his fist and the space where the tentacles were was completely crushed, stopping their progress.

Heilon moves at high speed, making the tentacles disappear to summon more of the same.

Hector once again crushes several spaces, but Heilon, turning like a dance, avoids them all and an aura covers him. He had used [Holy Melody]. The perfect dance he did gave him a strength bonus temporarily.

Heilon was now in front of Hector who covers his wand with mana to create a mana blade and block Heilon's fist.

Heilon: Always so weak-minded.

Hector feels emotional and psychological pain as if Heilon had said the worst insult to him without knowing that it was the effect of the [Repressed Hatred] gift.

Hector couldn't allow it anymore and he had to get what little he had left. In the end, Hector believed this was a losing fight.

Heilon's previous words that he had lost since the match began now echoed strongly in his mind causing pain in his head and him to lose his will not knowing that he was being manipulated by Heilon's power.

But how can he fight it? All this time he was in the clutches of this monster and he was only fed. making it stronger.

Heilon: Are you going to show it? Your true form!?

Heilon wanted to see Hector's true form in his euphoria. He knows that Hector is a demihuman and as man-beasts they are capable of hiding in human bodies but if Hector was already at the limit of him and wanted to release the rest of his power, he would have to do it.

An aura of mana explodes from Hector's body, sending Heilon away from him.

Hector's eyes shone with strength and power. His sclera turned completely black and about 4 small horns protruded from his head. They were not demonic horns but dragon horns.

Echidna: A Dragon and Serpent...

They were scales shaped like horns and he also had a tail with pointed scales.

Heilon: He is now the true Devil of Melancholy.

Hector was very upset. He HATED using this power, this cursed lineage that was forced on him by that damn witch who experimented on him.

Heilon: Hector, you're great! Let's do one last dance!

Heilon and Hector go against each other to clash their palm together and wrestle with each other. Now Hector's physical power had increased to large scales and he planned to use it to at least take advantage of the cursed blood from him.

Both of them bounced around the battlefield as if they were balls while exchanging blows.

Each one put their bodies against the other to which one of Heilon's extra hands begins to glow and surround himself with a mist covered in electricity.

Heilon: Sky and Thunder.

He hit him in the chest with this hand causing an electric wave that took all the air out of Hector's lungs, but Hector does not stop and defends himself, hitting Heilon in the face who receives the blow from him.

Another of Heilon's hands began to fill with cutting wind and then flames covered it.

Heilon: Wind and Fire.

Hector received another blow to the chest with strong wind and fire that he could not block, feeling his ribs crack a little but he held on. He clenches his fist and concentrates his authority to greatly increase the weight of his fists and thus hits Heilon in the stomach like a hammer.

Heilon's breath leaves him and a trickle of blood runs down his cheek, but he smiles harder as another of Heilon's fists begins to be covered in shiny water that Hector tries to stop, but Heilon was faster, hitting directly the face of the witcher

Heilon: Water and Lake.

Hector retreated a few meters but pushed himself up to kick Heilon in the chest and then a fist in his side while another of Heilon's hands began to form stone that Hector managed to block this time.

But he don't expect another fist from Heilon with the same element to hit his side, drawing blood from Hector's mouth.

Heilon: Mountain and Earth.

Heilon had used the 8 Divine Trigrams completely on Hector. causing a large elemental explosion that caused Hector to fall to one knee now with his body shaking from the damage.

Heilon: Your energy must already be low so this will end everything.

He said something calmer as the effects of the Euphoria slowly faded and the glow of Heilon's horns lost its strength, hinting that the transformation was reaching its limit.

Hector closes his fist and concentrates all of his Authority in it. Throughout this fight he felt how his will to fight was slowly disappearing, so he had to finish this quickly at once and not let Heilon deal the last blow.

Heilon only whispers a word.

Heilon: Mammon.

The next thing Hector saw was how all the colors of the world were inverted for a second and then he felt how he lost all the strength and mana he had left in his body. He even lost full control of his Authority.

As if he had split his in half and the other half had become unstable. When he looked towards Heilon, he saw it.

Heilon had a faint violet aura covering him. He was unstable, but he was there like he had the Melancholy Factor.

Hector: it another Authority? You took my....Factor.

Heilon: Not necessarily, but you can say that. Now you should get some sleep, okay?

Hector tried to get up or activate a barrier, but his strength and authority failed him. Hector received an invisible impact on his belly causing him to fall limp to the ground as his body returned to normal.

The witches silently watched Heilon's victory over Hector as he slowly began to drizzle while he deactivated [Mammon].

Only the sound of drops falling and then of rain could be heard while Heilon looked at the devastated landscape as if a hurricane, tornado and earthquake had happened at the same time in that place.

His Oni horns slowly stop releasing red rays and slowly fade into particles while his hair turns completely white and his six extra arms disappear in a light.

Heilon: GHN!!!!!

Heilon feels the pain hit him hard. He feels his muscles twitch. His tendons hurt. His entire body began to hurt as if he had been crushed several times. Weakness was present in his body.

Minerva: Heilon!

Tyhon: What's wrong!? What happens!?

Aries: It's bad...He's pale.

Sagitta: This is not Hector's cause.

The Witches surrounded him seeing the state of his body or his Od through their contract but nothing.

Heilon just falls to his knees and hands on the ground and begins to vomit a large amount of blood that, upon touching the ground, begins to vaporize again. Heilon's body was releasing steam, now feeling his several hearts pounding.

Heiko: The price you have to pay for happiness, right? I hope you enjoyed being as fast as Flash and as strong as Superman.

Heilon gritted his teeth and then gasped, trying to calm the pain in his body. Satella had to be the one to calm the others down by using her magic to summon shadow hands to hold Heilon so he wouldn't fall completely.

Satella: It's okay, the Oni God transformation takes a lot from him and even more so when it's his first time in this mode...He must get used to it.

Echidna: How do you know that with such certainty?

The Witch asked, curious about the knowledge that Satella possesses, but she ignored him while she focused on holding Heilon and helping him recover with her shadow hands. Since she was simply Satella and all the power was with Envy, she herself did not have that much authority or power, but she could still do even a little to relieve Heilon.

Echidna obviously got angry seeing how Satella ignored her. She looks away with "Hmph" to approach and put her hand on Heilon's belly and thanks to the contract, she could use the mana of his door that was one with her door and start healing him little by little while Heilon only sighs steam from his mouth.

Heilon: Thank you both very much. They care a lot about me...all of them.

Heilon slowly gets up. He even feels like sh*t but what's life without a little pain, right? Also, he is constantly growing so these things are normal to happen.

Heilon: Finally the Sanctuary and everyone in general is safe.

Heilon slowly approaches Hector and grabs him by his clothes from behind to deactivate the barrier he put up to leave the place.

Heilon: The entire first phase of my plan was already accomplished. I managed to divert attention from my achievements with my false identity of Great Sage.

Musca: False identity that is not really false.

Heilon: Yes, but others don't know that apart from my fellow Assassins.

Sehkmet: All that was...The first phase?

Heilon: Minus the invasion, that's what I wasn't expecting. I was expecting at least the Great Rabbit, but life always brings big surprises.

Heilon had arrived where he left the Gluttons and then puts Hector on the ground next to Roy and Lye after undoing the clone. He takes the opportunity to search the pockets of the Ex-Archbishops to take out their small Gospels.

Heilon: The copy of the copy.

Echidna: Interesting...They managed to make a copy of my inferior copies, who did it and how did they do it?

Heilon: Possibly Pandora. They are very inferior copies...Can't you use your Authority to know?

Echidna: I could partly in the dream world, but I am no longer connected to that world or to the original body of mine that you kept in that pocket dimension, but I could use it through you, since you possess the Greed Factor.

Heilon: Nah, if that's the case, then from now on you won't use it anymore.

Echidna: Eeeeehhhh???

Heilon: The [Tome Of Wisdom] was always dangerous, so I won't allow you to use it again or you will really become more of a witch than you are or perhaps even worse.

The Sistemo literally has it classified as an Extremely Dangerous Authority.

System: Alerts-[Tome of Wisdom] is capable of corrupting the mind in exchange for unknown knowledge. It causes psychological damage and loss of emotion.

He was even tempted to use Authority, but his Self-control was even greater in these matters of temptation to danger.

Heilon: It's for your own good, Echidna.

He said as he opened one of the Gospels and looked at its contents, turning the pages at high speed. There was nothing of interest.

Although he thought about why their Gospels were leading them to him. That their wishes will be fulfilled if they finish him off.

Although in part, Heilon knows that Pandora gave the gospels to the Archbishops but why does she order them to die? He deduces that Pandora has the ability to interfere with the Gospels and give orders in this way.

Heilon was interrupted from his thoughts when Roy's hair turned almost completely golden and Roy, or what used to be Roy, tried to get up.

Electra: He is waking up.

Heilon: No, she is the last Archbishop of Gluttony... Louis Arneb.

Louis: W-What have you done to us? What have you done to my....brothers?

She said with difficulty and trembling. Maintaining possession in Roy's body without the Authority of Gluttony was almost impossible. It was a miracle that she could do it, or even just a little.

Heilon: Hello, Louis...If you are possessing Roy then it means that you are also in the Corridor of Memories here.

Louis: How do you... know that...?

Heilon: We will meet soon, Louis. So have a little patience, okay?

Louis took this as a mockery on Heilon's part but she couldn't do anything since she reached the limit of possession of the [Solar Eclipse] and she had to leave Roy's body.

Diya: That was...Weird.

Daphne: The Gluttony Factor was divided into 3 people...Very interesting.

Aquila: She won't give us any problems, will she?

Heilon: She can't, Louis is just a soul trapped in the Corridor of Memories and the only way to access it is through a book of the dead in the Watchtower if my information is correct.

Meissa: Yes, at some point the Satsu Watchtower was our home.

Heilon: That's interesting to know.

Heilon said while he looks at the Gospels and in one quick movement, he sets them on fire until they are completely ashes.

Echidna: What will you do now?

Heilon approaches Hector who was still fainted to use [Leviathan] on Hector. The tentacle shoots out to dig into his belly and the liquid completely covers him in a cocoon.

Heilon: I'll take your Melancholy Factor, that's what I'll do now.

He said to connect his soul with Hector's to free him from his sin.


Hector was a young man who was born in a fairly quiet village for the era they were in since conflicts between witches and witch hunters caused wars throughout the 5 regions.

Hector was a demihuman with loving parents who always loved and cared for him. Hector was a happy child and it was something he appreciated in a world like that.

But nothing lasts forever.

The village was attacked by a Witch. Only one that managed to turn the village upside down with her black magic. Everything happened so fast and the only thing Hector could see was his dead parents and in front of him was that vile witch.

The witch who only stares at him to smile slightly as if she had found what she came looking for.

Witch: You will be perfect.

She told him to take him away and that's where Hector's hell began. That witch had taken him to what she called a laboratory to experiment on him.

The witch was trying to create a way to force a Factor into someone's body instead of being chosen by the Factor.

She had managed to create some vials capable of enclosing the Factors and now she just had to find a way to introduce it into someone.

Hector was the perfect candidate for the Factor she had right now, that of Melancholy.

After so many attempts and magical experimentation with Hector. Even altering his bloodline to a stronger one to resist the influence of the Sin Factor and make him compatible.

She had made it in the end. Manage to artificially implant the Factor in Hector. Hector had successfully received an Authority artificially. He was the bearer of the Melancholy Factor.

But the witch's luck ran out when the Witches Hunters found her and attacked her laboratory, finding Hector. The witch managed to escape, but she lost her greatest experiment that would now become the ultimate weapon of the Witch Hunters.

A sorcerer to fight against witches and use his same black magic and Authority against them, the irony.

The Witcher, Hector. Obviously he would seek revenge against that person who killed his parents and experimented on his, forcing him to be a carrier of the Melancholy Factor that was now influencing his being and contaminating him with Melancholy.

This is how Hector became the best of the Witch Hunters with the promise that he would find the witch who did this to him.

Years of hunting were Hector's life. He destroyed all types of witches in search of that specific witch until he finally found her. A village full of witches or witches' apprentices. Ironic since he would do the same thing that that witch did to him.

Destroy her home and her family. That's how the hunt began. Witches fell and Hector finally found the witch who tortured him and turned him into a monster.

Once he found her, he punished her in front of her daughter. The little witch who would become his next target. The goal of his obsessions.

Fights after fights. That was the life of Hector and Echidna. This revenge had become a necessity for Hector.

During Hector and Echidna's fights, they had slight talks that increased with each encounter, until something more than melancholy grew inside the Warlock. He now wanted Echidna for himself but those wishes were not reciprocated by the witch herself.

The Witch Hunters became extinct along with the Witches. Hector had taken his own path. On his way he had met a Witch with White hair and blue eyes who made him join the witch's cult in exchange for Echidna.

On his way to get Echidna, he fell into her trap, the trap of the Sanctuary.

A barrier to repel and trap him if he couldn't repel it in the first place. Although he managed to survive the encounter and be repelled, some time later he was found by Roswaal and Clind who were responsible for sealing him.



Heilon saw himself in an abyss next to Hector, who was kneeling in that deep darkness that threatened to swallow him.

Heilon simply approaches Hector and crouches in front of him so that they are both in front of each other. Heilon simply lifted his hand and put it on Hector's shoulder who didn't even bother to look at him.

Hector: You should finish me off...

Heilon: Why? Why should I kill you?

Hector: I just shouldn't continue living, I'm tired of continuing to live like this...

Heilon simply sighs as the Melancholy inside of Hector was being absorbed to the surprise of Hector who feels how the great weight inside him was disappearing every second.

Heilon: You shouldn't give up here, I'll help you. It may sound a little silly, but you and I are not that different...We are both victims of a person who used us and now we are monsters created by them.

Hector: You don't understand. I don't care about your intentions to help me...I don't deserve it, everything I've done is unforgivable-

Heilon: I don't care. I know you can improve so you will do that and I will make sure of it.

Hector: You really won't listen to me, huh? You really only get what you want against the will of others.

Heilon: Very greedy of me, right?

Hector just let out a soft sigh, fully admitting defeat and offers his hand which Heilon takes tightly with a smile.

Heilon: I really appreciate you cooperating with me.

Hector: It's not like I have many options, right? You are the winner...what will you do with me?

Heilon: I'll take your Melancholy Factor from you.

Hector wasn't going to complain. He felt relief that finally that Authority that, although it gave him all that power, drained his emotions and filled him with a constant depression and melancholy that made his soul heavy.

Heilon: You may lose part of your memory or even your entire personality.

Hector: I don't see it as something that bad...I didn't want to continue living the same way.

Heilon: Yes, you are depressed, but don't worry, I will take care of you or at least the new you...

Hector sighs as he closes his eyes and the place begins to crack like glass and a light surrounds them both.


Heilon was back in reality as his tentacle returns to him after absorbing the Melancholy Factor.

System: Authority of Melancholy Acquired.

-Great Attractor: Hector's Authority. It gives the user the ability to control the gravity and invisible force of attraction along with the vectors. Bend space to create an invisible barrier or create a black hole.

-Astaroth: Melancholy Authority of Heilon Satsugai. It allows the user to create Portals and connect between different realities and universes. Even create pocket dimensions for access.

System: Secondary mission completed-Defeat Hector.

-Reward: 1. Unique gift of black tear.

-2. Improved magical affinities by 40% and increased magic resistance by 30%.

-3. Drago Serpent Blood.

System: New Title acquired after a certain condition is met.

-Warlock of Melancholy: Title acquired after defeating Hector and obtaining the Authority of Melancholy.

Once again, Heilon feels more complete and good. Part of him had returned with the Melancholy Factor. The atmosphere around Heilon feels different as if an invisible force is being repelled or was push back, even if it just a little.

One more demonic wing appeared on Heilon's back causing a pulsing pain that slowly disappeared.

"I don't want to do this..."

"I'm tired of this world..."

"I really don't want to continue existing..."

Those voices were heard deep in Heilon's mind while that violet aura covered him slightly, to silence together with the aura.

Heilon: This feels strange, but at the same time very good...

Echidna: What is the Authority that offered you?

She said very curious about what kind of ability the Authority of Melancholy could give him. Heilon just smiles at her as he raises his hand and a black cloud forms and then lightning bolts come out to open a portal.

Heilon could feel a connection to several different worlds and could concentrate to open a portal to it.

Each pocket dimension had its unique properties and its own laws that Heilon could manipulate to his liking.

Heilon now with [Great Attractor] takes the two former Archbishops and Warlock with an invisible force to throw them through the portal and then enter himself, reaching a dimension where there was only a flat bluish floor and a sky covered by a flat roof.

Deva: What will you do with them?

Heilon: They will be under my care and will be allies...Hector will now be Beta! Gluttons little ones will be Theta B and C.

He said, giving them nicknames and feeling the great drain of mana. He lost more than half of his mana. He held his chest a little, feeling the loss of mana leave him and enter the three of them.

While doing this, Heilon's body returns to normal. He had recovered another life from [Respawn By Death]. Heilon sighs in relief that he won't have to look younger for a while.

Natasha: With that...We're done.

Heilon: There is still work to be done.

Heilon said to take out the three jars with the 3 Great Mabeasts from his inventory with a smile with the plan he had for them.

He takes them out of their jars and takes them to start using the Capella Authority on them starting to change their forms..


In the capital, inside the throne room. The Council of Sages were looking worriedly at the dragon stone while Reinhard arrived to give the daily report.

Mikitotov: This is incredible.

Reinhard looked up to open his eyes when he saw what the dragon stone said.

"The Great Sage has defeated one of the three Great MaBeasts, the White Whale"

"The Great Sage has defeated one of the three Great MaBeasts, the Great Rabbit"

"The Great Sage has defeated one of the three Great MaBeasts, the Black Serpent"

"The Great Sage has defeated the Archbishop of Gluttony representing "Bizarre Appetite" of the Witch Cult, Roy Alphard"

"The Great Sage has defeated the Archbishop of Gluttony representing "Gourmet" of the Witch Cult, Lye Batenkaitos"

"The Great Sage has defeated the Warlock of Melancholy of the Witch Cult, Hector"

Reinhard couldn't really describe the feelings he felt. The fact that the Great Sage only appeared recently and was doing a much better job than him, made him feel useless.

But he was partly very happy that those threats to the world were already taken off the map.

Bordeaux: This really is amazing but bad. Reinhard...any clue?

The old man asked Reinhard who was observing the entire situation silently, also progressing what he saw.

Reinhard: Sorry...The only clue I have now would be the big scandal that happened a few minutes ago.

Everyone was silent after what was said. They were progressing what decision to make next since in a few days, the Royal Selection will soon begin so they should think about this clearly.

Biordeaux: Reinhard, just keep your guard up.

Reinhard simply nods to leave the reports and leave the place. Reinhard was still thoughtful and once again, he looks into the distance. The large cloud of dirt had disappeared a little.

Reinhard: I must return to Felt-Sama.


Roswaal was driving a carriage while inside it was Emilia with Rem and Ram. They were arriving at the Sanctuary and there was only a great silence, a great tranquility that he was not liking.

He had already altered the pact between Emilia and Puck for this moment. He had to advance his plans and improvise, since he did not have his Tome of Wisdom.

Now Puck couldn't manifest himself completely and so Emilia will have to depend on Heilon. He although could not hire any assassin to attack the mansion for the short time he has.

When he gets close enough to the sanctuary, he sees how Emilia does not fall unconscious as he expected.

Roswaal: The barrier...Is not active.

He said to himself. Someone passed the trials and deactivated the barrier completely. Roswaal only sighs to continue driving the carriage into the Sanctuary.

Once inside, they go to the meeting point where Roswaal usually meets with some of Ryuzu's clones.

To Roswaal's surprise, along with the maids, there were the four clones along with an extra one and Roswaal understood instantly.

Roswaal: Ryu....Ryuzu?

Ryuzu: H-Hello Roswaal...

She said still a little shy after seeing an adult Roswaal who had the appearance of a person who used to be an enemy, Hector.

Roswaal notices her and passing his hand over her face, he removes the jester makeup that he had on to approach Ryuzu still with his eyes open in surprise to see her back and well.

Roswaal: Ryuzu, how are you here?

Bilma: She was freed by a servant of yours.

Shima: The one called Heilon.

Delma: He came here with Rim and other guests.

Arma: He pass the trials and deactivate the barrier.

Ryuzu: He released me with a smile, then my...clones told me everything they could.

They explained for Roswaal's suspicions. He already deduced that everything was a result of Heilon's actions. It was too much of a coincidence making too obvious.

Rem and Ram, for their part, were looking for her younger sister, Rim. When they found her, they couldn't help but widen their eyes at seeing her without her hair covering her eyes and with so much confidence, serving cups of tea to the villagers to calm them down.

Ram: Rim?

The eldest said, quite surprised by her little sister. Rim looks at her sisters to reveal a big happy smile and for the first time in a long time, she looked her sisters in the eyes.

Rim ran towards her sisters to hug them tightly while they, still stupefied, hugged her back, happy that her younger sister was okay after she felt the strong emotions with the synesthesia.

Rem: Sister, are you okay? You had us worried after feeling in danger.

Ram: What are you doing here? Weren't you going with Heilon to the capital?

Rim: Well, really his goal was to come here for personal matters and I decided to believe in him. I came here to take care of him and keep an eye on him as Roswaal ordered me. Then the witch cult attacked the Sanctuary and we had to repel them.

Rem/Ram: The Witch Cult!?

The sisters didn't like that at all, especially Ram, since Heilon brought his little sister into danger after lying to her face.

She had lost complete trust in Heilon. She was grateful that he had given her horns to her and her sisters. More than helping Rem get over her past, but putting Rim in danger after lying? She doesn't believe in him anymore.

Ram: Heilon...

Rim: But he protected me and helped me overcome my fear of my power and we managed to win!

Rem was angry that once again, the Witch Cult was about to take her family away from her, but she was also happy that Rim had overcome her past thanks to her hero.

Ram: Where is he right now?

Rim: I don't know but he went to fight with the last member of the Cult that attacked us, but a lot has been happening-

Garfiel: Ram! Rem!

Garfiel came running when he heard that the maids arrived. He obviously came to see Ram, his love interest.

Ram: Garfiel?

The older Oni asked when she saw Garfiel in such a good mood and with the Twin Shields in his arms.

Garfiel: They arrived too late for the action. We've already taken care of everything with the Captain and the others.

Rem: Captain?

Garfiel: Heilon, that white-haired boy who is a servant of the mansion or so He let it be understood. I admit that the guy beat me and my team, he convinced me to get over my past and I decided to help him.

Rem and Ram were obviously surprised as they knew that Garfiel and the others were a pretty strong group. Defeating him alone was truly an achievement. Garfiel opens his black wings.

Garfiel: He gave this to all of us too.

He said as if it was no big deal to have wings out of nowhere. Garfiel just waves his wings with a big smile and then hides them again on his back.

Ram: Garfiel, did Heilon do that to you?

Garfiel nods with a smile to put his hands on his waist proudly. Garfiel's other friends began to arrive. He had heard that the lord of these lands had arrived with the servants. They all already had a friendly relationship with them.

Ichiro: Garfiel, you've arrived...Hello, Ram and Rem.

He said saluting respectfully. He was really happy to see that they arrived safely at the Sanctuary, but with all the disaster and earthquakes that were happening, it was normal for them to come.

Rem: I'm glad to see that all of you are well. Do you know where Heilon-kun is?

Fogo: We all know the same thing as Rim. He had gone to fight an enemy of the Witch Cult...Very powerful it seems

Boya: We were literally attacked by the three Great MaBeasts and two Archbishops plus an unknown dude.

Chado: We managed to kill everyone or at least weaken it so that an unknown ally of Heilon would take them to an unknown location.

Ram: Beiron gave all of you wings too?

Boya: Not only wings but his blessing that made us quite strong and I see that you also have it for your ears.

Rim: Yes, he healed us and gave us several horns!

She said with a smile that surprised everyone but the fact that their horns were healed is something quite surprising and unique. everyone thought about who Heilon really is.

Garfiel: That's my Captain!

Ram: We must go to Roswaal-sama and report everything that happened since he is not happy with all the transgressions that occurred in the Sanctuary without his consent.

Ichiro: It seems Heilon is in serious trouble.

He said sighing as everyone go with Ram back to the village where Roswaal was discussing some things with Ryuzu's clones and Ryuzu herself.

Ram: Roswaal-Sama, I brought the others who have knowledge of the situation.

Roswaal: I'm glad you're all okay~ Now could you all be so kind as to explain everything to me~?

He said with his typical accent while Garfiel rolled his eyes in annoyance at Roswaal. He never liked the clown and before he said anything rude, Ichiro took his place.

Ichiro: As you wish.

Ichiro explained the missing events to Roswaal regarding the matters that occurred in the Sanctuary.

Emilia listened to everything while she held her pendant where Puck was. She tried to communicate with him but to no avail. Since they left and approached the Sanctuary, Puck had not gone out again.

Emilia: Puck...

She looked around her worriedly looking for Heilon since from what she understood, apparently he really came to the sanctuary. Rim was proof of that being here.

Emilia: So no one really knows where Heilon is?

Roswaal: I'm sorry but noooo Emilia-sama~

Elsa: Sorry we're late...

Said Elsa who arrived with Luxera along with Meili and Emerada behind her. Roswaal frowns but instantly returns to his smile while Emilia opens her eyes at the sight of the assassins.

Instantly she creates icicles of ice pointing them towards the assassins. Elsa just smiles kindly.

Roswaal now understood why he no longer received reports from them. They were now possibly working for Heilon. So that means that Heilon knew who hired them in the Capital and Village.

Elsa: Oh wow, it seems they've finally arrived. I really wasn't ordered to act against you and I really don't want to upset my client.

Rem and Ram stood guard in front of their lord to protect him but Rim intervenes.

Rim: Wait! They came with Heilon. They helped us against the invasion quite a bit.

Roswaal: Who is your client~?

Luxera: You should already know who it is ~

She said with a smile, looking Roswaal in the eyes as he did the same and was ready to fight the assassins if necessary.

A combat was going to occur between both groups. The demihumans didn't want to get involved and Rim wanted to avoid it, but her older sisters were on guard and Emilia only remembered that these women were responsible for her losing her insignia and almost her life fighting against them.

Heilon: I disappear for a few moments and you're going to kill each other, you really can't live without me.

A sarcastic voice was heard. Everyone opens their eyes in surprise as they look next to him and see Heilon emerge from the trees with his clothes somewhat damaged and destroyed, full of dirt.

Emilia: Heilon...

Rem: Heilon-Kun...

Rim smiles, being happy to see Heilon being well, although he seemed very tired. Roswaal noticed Heilon's much fuller and sharper gaze as if he had regained a large part of him. Before they seemed very confused and empty, but now there was something in them.

Rem, Ram and Emilia also noticed Heilon's deeper gaze and changed eyes, but their thoughts were interrupted when Heilon smiled at them in that kind and pure way that he always did with them. Showing off the sharp new teeth he possessed.

Heilon: It's good to see you all again. Sorry it's dirty, but as you may know, we had to deal with some issues here.

He said sighing while rubbing his head while behind him were three unknown people. A young girl, a woman and a man, but they had a cloak hiding the smell and figures of them.

The older assassins recognized who they were. It was the 3 Great Mabeasts but in human form. Heilon had used his power of Lust to give them a human form and after breaking their horns, they are loyal to him.

But he had the Divine Protection of Mana Manipulation and the control of the Mabeasts by the Authority of Gluttony so he had total control of them.

Heilon: Ghn...

Heilon feels a slight pain and discomfort in his eyes, causing him to cover them to relieve the pain a little.

Emilia: Heilon, are you okay!?

Emilia and Rem along with Rim went to Heilon to check on him. Ram tried to stop her sisters since she was still angry at Heilon for lying to them and bringing her younger sister into danger, but she obviously couldn't stop them with how fast they were.

Heilon: I'm fine, I'm just tired... i just need time.

Daphne: Your eyes shone dangerously, like my own... I was already wondering if your eyes had the same effects as mine.

Carina: Do you mean causing mortal hunger? But all this time he did not show the effects of that Authority.

Daphne: Yep, yep, Heirun, unlike me, can suppress the effects, but only for a while. He was suppressing it without realizing it by concentrating on combat and his objectives.

Heilon listened attentively as Rem and Emilia used their healing magic to ease the pain. Heilon only uses The Authority of Greed to create a black blindfold similar to Daphne's and put it over his eyes to cover them

Daphne: Now we really look alike Kahahahaha!

Emilia: Heilon?

Heilon: Excuse me, my eyes are just tired...I just need to take a break and let them rest for now.

Emilia sees how the assassins approach and she is on guard even with the icicles in the air. But before she or Rem could do anything, Heilon stops them both.

Heilon: Calm down, they are coming with me...I hired them just like they were hired to steal your insignia so excuse them, please.

Heilon motioned for Elsa and Luxera to approach Emilia and apologize to her. Elsa and Luxera sigh, but they knew that this were not going to turn out well if they did not listen to him.

Emilia: Huh?

Elsa: I apologize, it was just part of the job~

Luxera: I also apologize for trying to kill you, will you forgive me~?

Emilia opens her eyes at their apology as she made the icicles disappear. She didn't know how to feel when an enemy apologized to her, but if they were asking for forgiveness then everything was fine. That was her childish mentality.

Emilia: I guess it's okay if they apologize.

Heilon only smiles more at Emilia's innocence. Then he looks at the assassins and communicates with hand signals telling them that there are 3 people passed out inside a house he build and that he needs them to go take care of them like they did with Capella when she was passed out.

They understood, but Elsa asks Heilon about the three Great Mabeasts behind his back to which Heilon responds that they will go with them to the safe place, that they can rest assured since they are loyal to him and will listen to him.

Elsa nods and now they retreated with the 3 Great Mabeasts in silence towards the forest, leaving everyone confused by the strange way of communicating that Heilon had with the assassins.

Roswaal was unable to understand the sign language he had with them, frustrating him as he now had no idea that he could be planning Heilon.

Heilon, after giving the orders to the assassins, look at Garfiel.

Heilon: I hope everyone in the village is okay. If you all are here well then I can deduce that you managed to kill all the Mabeasts and members of the Cult, right?

Garfiel: That's right, Captain! Those bastards are now eating dirt.

Heilon: Excuse me, but I'll have to ask you to do something else for me, even if you're tired. I need you to gather the Mabeasts' bodies and limbs into a pillar. Don't burn them or anything...I just need them in one place.

Garfiel was confused at the Captain's request of him but he just nods to go with Boya, Chado, Fogo and Ichiro to make the order.

Ram and Rem look surprised as Garfiel, someone proud and stubborn, listens to Heilon without hesitation even though they have only known each other for a day.

Roswaal notes the support of Garfiel and company. The determined and clear look, without fear of the outside. Heilon had to help him overcome his and Rim's past.

Roswaal: (This is a problem.)

The jester thought to what he sees how in the distance the Sanctuary shines for a few seconds and a barrier is activated, surprising and making the Mage of Lugunica totally serious.

Heilon smiles slightly since before appearing, he had sent a clone to the Sanctuary to create a barrier similar to the one in the Sanctuary but now connected to a Mana core. He had obtained this knowledge thanks to the witches and their great use of magic.

He need Emilia to overcome her past and break the barrier like in the original canon. This will be the way for Emilia to mature and grow.

He doesn't want an Emilia who depends on him. Having an Emilia from Greed If or Wrath If would be a problem for him so he came up with this plan.

Emilia: W-What was that?

Heilon: It is the barrier of the Sanctuary...This place encloses all the hybrids with a barrier that to deactivate you have to go to the Sanctuary and pass some trials first.

Roswaal notes the obvious lie since it cannot deactivate the barrier and then activate it. Heilon had already done the trials and deactivated the barrier to now activate it in some way.

He apparently needs Emilia to do the trials for some reason. Emilia looks at Roswaal for confirmation, it's not like she distrusts Heilon but this was all so sudden.

Roswaal: That's right Emilia-samaaa ~ You must do the trials to be able to deactivate the barrier and free the semi-humans locked up here ~

Ram knew something was wrong from Roswaal's small grimaces. Heilon was the cause of this, causing further distrust towards Heilon.

Emilia: V-Very well, then where is this Sanctuary?

Echidna: She had to be the person you wanted to do the trials, from all people.

Echidna sighed, somewhat annoyed at having to deal with the half-Elf.


Emilia was talking to the lesser spirits while Heilon stood with his hands crossed until she finished. Heilon noticed Emilia's concern about Puck. He only looks away to see the Jester who was in the distance next to Ram.

Roswaal looks back at him, but this time with a serious look. They both knew they had unfinished business with the other, but for now they were putting off their discussion.

Heilon knew that Roswaal did something to the pact between Emilia and Puck, causing him to not be able to manifest at will like he always does.

He must deal with Puck so that he breaks the contract so that Emilia could do the trials without problems.

Emilia: I'm ready...

Said Emilia who finishes talking with the minor spirits and looks at Heilon. Heilon approaches with a smile. It was strange for Emilia to see Heilon with a blindfold covering his eyes, but it made her smile slightly because of how funny he looked.

Heilon noticed this but just smiled because if he make it funny to Emilia, then good for him.

Heilon: Very good! I trust you, Emilia!

Emilia: Thank you very much, Heilon. I really appreciate it...Heilon, may I ask why you lied and came here...Ram is not very happy.

Heilon: I came to this place in search of answers. This place helps to find answers, but i couldn't come here with Roswaal's permission...This place is sensitive for him.

Emilia tried to look into his eyes to see if he wasn't lying to her, but it was difficult with the blindfold, so Heilon concentrates and raises the blindfold a little so that she can see him in his eyes.

Emilia: Do you promise?

Heilon: I promise, Emily.

He said instantly with that smile while he covers his eyes once again. Emilia simply approaches the Sanctuary that begins to shine and then she enters.

Rem approaches Heilon to which he turns around to look at her with a smile and puts his hand on Rem's head and caresses it a little.

Heilon: Remi, I haven't told you before, but I'm very happy to see you again...I've missed you a lot.

For them it was only a day, but for Heilon it felt like weeks had passed. Rem blushes a lot after feeling Heilon's caresses.

Rem: Rem has also missed you a lot and wants to thank you for helping Rim deal with her past, seeing her with confidence has really made Rem happy.

Heilon: You shouldn't give me all the credit, Rim was the brave one to face and overcome her past.

Rem: Also, Rem has kept it a secret after receiving your note.

Rem looked like a child waiting for praise to which Heilon laughs a little to pet her more.

Heilon: Thank you very much, Remi. I always trusted you completely and knew that you were not going to let me down.

That made Rem happier, who closed her eyes blushing, enjoying Heilon's caresses and praise, wanting more but the moment was interrupted when the Sanctuary stopped shining.

Ram: That was pretty fast.

Heilon: Emilia...Remi, wait here.

Heilon separated from Rem and ran into the Sanctuary to everyone's surprise, since only demi-humans could enter since if someone who is not a hybrid does so, they suffer great damage, but they saw how Heilon entered without problem.

Heilon runs through the hallways until he reaches Emilia who was on the floor. Heilon bends down and holds her in his arms.

Heilon: Emily, are you okay? What happened?

Heilon said worriedly as he watches as Emilia begins to growl with her eyes closed and then speak.

Emilia: I...I was doing the trials and then...

She opens her eyes terrified and begins to chatter her teeth and then looks at him and ends up averting her eyes from him. She had a traumatized look.

Emilia: It wasn't me! And yet...still! I keep telling you it wasn't me and still! No! Do not look at me like that!

Heilon hugs her tightly as he caresses her head. He had her head against his chest so she could hear his heartbeat and calm down. He used [Warm Embrace] and [Warm Touch] to calm her down.

Emilia: Puck...

Heilon: Shhhh...I'm here, I won't leave you alone. You are not alone, I will always be here for you.

He said to comfort her and slowly covered Emilia's eyes with one of her hands like Raia did with him. He feels Emilia's heart palpitations calm down along with her breathing.

Heilon: Shhh...That's okay.


Emilia was right now resting on a bed. Heilon had taken her out of her Sanctuary, carrying her like a princess. Rem and Ram looked at Emilia worriedly while Roswaal only maintained a smile.

He apparently could still use Emilia if she was weak to pass the trials and make her dependent on Heilon after manipulating him. For now he alone must have the discussion with Heilon.

Roswaal: Ram, could you call Heilon in my room and leave us alone~?

Ram: But, Roswaal-sama.

Roswaal: Ram...

Roswaal stared at her and Ram after several seconds just nodded to leave in search of Heilon who was with Rem outside the stall. Rim was sleeping in one of the rooms since the girl couldn't sleep all day.

Rem: Heilon-kun, can Rem ask why you are carrying those assassins with you?

Heilon: They are very useful, I would rather they be serving me than another psychopath. They are in rehabilitation.

Rem: Do you really think you can change them? Rem has heard many not very good rumors about them.

Heilon: I know, but trust me that I am watching them and that they are allies.

After that conversation, Heilon was convincing Rem to go to sleep too since she couldn't sleep either because of how worried she was about Rim all night.

Rem: I guess Rem could get some rest if she gets a kiss on the forehead for good dreams.

Heilon: Oh Remi, you really are very greedy.

Rem laughed a little but didn't expect Heilon to hold her and kiss her forehead like she asked. She never expected that Heilon would really pay attention to her and would do it so casually. Now that Heilon fulfilled his part of the deal, Rem couldn't help but quickly retreat from him while being redder than a tomato.

She was too embarrassed to be there. She went to Rim's room where there was a second bed wondering if she was really going to be able to sleep after such a wonderful gift.

Aries: Owww love is so beautiful!

Diya: But very daring when in quotes you have a relationship with Satella.

Heilon: It was just a kiss of good dreams.

Heilon said as if that were normal. He was giving Rem something that he would have wanted from Raia or someone in his world, but he never had, he never got it.

Ram: Heilon...

Heilon feels the hostile aura of Ram who leaves the house in search of Heilon. The fact that she called him Heilon and not Beiron is a big sign of trouble.

Ram: Roswaal-sama wishes to speak with you.

Heilon only follows her to Roswaal's room and then she leaves them both alone in that room. Heilon simply looks at Roswaal in silence.

Heilon: Just talk, clown...

Roswaal: You know what I'll say, Heilon-Kuuun~

Heilon: Drop your Hector accent. We're alone here so there's no need to continue the silly act.

Roswaal remains silent and makes his smile disappear and now speaks normally.

Roswaal: You know, how much do you know?

Heilon: Of course you were going to ask that. I know everything, about your relationship with Echidna and how you have been using the Tome of Wisdom to achieve your goal of killing the Divine Dragon and reviving your master.

Roswaal again remains silent, analyzing everything Heilon said and the knowledge of him. He was thinking of a plan to counteract this whole situation.

Roswaal: I see...Then you know why you are important.

Heilon: I know it very well and I will not be your slave to arrange and secure the path of the Tome of Wisdom.

Roswaal: Did you always know?

Heilon: From the beginning, before coming to the mansion, I always knew your intentions and I played your game until yesterday.

Roswaal: You stole my Tome of Wisdom and came here.

Heilon: I wasn't planning on Rim coming, but hey, I appreciate it, that way I could help her get over her past and fear of her power. I killed two birds with one stone so I appreciate that.

Roswaal: You...You planned it all.

Heilon: Just like you, right? You were never the puppet master here. Without the Tome of Wisdom you are nothing more than a puppet without strings...I pity you Roswaal. You want me to be like you, don't you? For better or worse I'm like you, at least I used to be like you.

Roswaal stares at him. There was no mockery in his voice but sorrow, true sorrow.

Heilon: I used to be someone else's puppet who manipulated my life for their own benefit. That person raised me to be his perfect puppet and he succeeded, but now, I try to have my own will and my own destiny forged by me, not by someone else.

Heilon looked at his hand to close it tightly.

Heilon: I want to trust that you too can stop being the Witch of Greed's puppet-

Roswaal: Echidna, call her that. You don't understand anything...Echidna is not using me! She saved me and I owe everything to her, I do this of my own free will!

He said, already losing his usual calm to which Heilon sighs seeing that Roswaal even at this point was still so buried in Echidna's threads that it made him even more sad to see.

Echidna for her part watched this with interest. Seeing that Roswaal was still alive even after so many centuries. He had to have used one of the forbidden immortality spells on him that she created in pursuit of her immortality.

Heilon: I'll ask you some questions then. I just want you to answer...I want to hear it from your mouth.

Roswaal only regains his composure to look at Heilon and wait for his questions.

Heilon: Did you send the assassins after Emilia?

Roswaal: Yes, I follow the one who sent Elsa and Luxera after Emilia-sama's insignia.

Heilon: Emilia and many others could have died, you know what happens if Emilia dies, right?

Roswaal: I fully trusted you that you would manage to avoid that outcome and in the end you did.

Heilon: The assassins in the forest of Irlam Village...It was also your product.

Roswaal: Right, I wanted to see how you would personally handle the obstacle.

Heilon: The Oni sisters could have died there if I didn't take the right countermeasures.

Roswaal: That's right, but I had complete faith that you would do everything possible to prevent it.

Heilon: You helped destroy the Oni clan, didn't you?

It took Roswaal a few seconds to respond and he was even hesitant to speak it but it's as if confidence filled him.

Roswaal: Yes, I led the members of the Witch Cult towards the village and I was the one who deactivated the barriers that protected the village and hid it. If the Tome says they have to got, they have to go...I needed Ram.

Heilon: You know that you caused trauma to Rem and Rim, including emotional damage. You waited for Ram to lose her horn so that she would become dependent on you.

Roswaal: I see you know quite a bit. I wonder how many attempts it took you to achieve this result.

Heilon: Don't you care about your subjects? If the Tome said that they must die, you would kill them without hesitation, wouldn't you? You only see them as instruments... Any sacrifice is worth it as long as it is to revive your teacher, right?

Roswaal sighs lightly to look Heilon in the eyes.

Roswaal: Yes.

Heilon is now the one who remains silent as the witches observe this situation. Heilon slowly pulls out the Tome of Wisdom, causing Roswaal to open his eyes.

Heilon: It was a little damaged, but i managed to fix it. You and I need Echidna to revive so take it.

Heilon throws the book to which Roswaal like a dog quickly takes it and feels the warmth of the book giving him new instructions to which he quickly opens it to see the instructions. Similar to a drug addict.

"Kill the Oni sisters right now before they become Heilon's allies. Heilon is enough to complete the desired future."

Roswaal got up from the bed and was going to retreat, but Heilon's fist went to his stomach caused him to stop and fell to his knees on the ground while holding his belly trying to catch his breath. The book flew out and Heilon caught it out of the air.

Heilon: Those instructions were made by me...I wanted to see if you were at least a little hesitant to finish them.

Roswaal: You, did you manipulate the Tome of Wisdom?

He said, even while he was on the ground while he held his stomach trying to recover, but that blow was quite powerful.

Heilon: That's right, it's a shame that the sisters are serving a man who doesn't really care about their lives.

Heilon puts away the Tome as he approaches Roswaal and grabs the collar of his suit to lift him up and throw him onto the bed.

Heilon: Did you want to strengthen my resolve? Did you think my life was in your hands? Well, you were very wrong.

Roswaal: And what will you do? Kill me?? Tell others? They won't believe you, plus I don't fear my downfall since the sisters will come to protect me and if you want them to live, then it means that you will have to protect me too by extension.

Heilon: Kill you? No, that would be very kind of me, plus I'm trying to save everyone...I need you alive for multiple reasons, the fact that you use the sisters' loyalty as a shield disgusts me.

Heilon said with disgust, but he slowly heads towards the door.

Heilon: I won't tell anyone, I don't want internal problems in Emilia's camp. I still have a lot of unfinished business, so be a good clown and stay here while I work. If you try anything, you will lose badly and you know it.

Heilon said to leave the house. He had used [Asmodeus] to amplify Roswaal's cooperation and lower his wariness. So he would speak as Heilon wanted.

Heilon takes out a thin crystal sphere from his pocket. It was a magical recorder that he made using programmed magic. The glass had recorded the entire conversation.

Heilon: Second phase of the plan completed.

He said with a sigh as the Authority of Lust drains him a lot. Now he would go to Emilia's room to receive her when she wakes up.

Heilon was sitting next to Emilia's bed. Emilia wakes up and slowly takes Heilon's hand.

Heilon smiles to hold her hand back. He gently removes the blindfold from his eyes while he concentrates so that it has no effect.

Heilon: Good morning, Emily.

Emilia: Heilon...?

Heilon: That's right, the only one you know.

Emilia was so relieved that she forgot that she was holding Heilon's hand tightly. Heilon didn't care and he held her hand the same way.

Heilon: Are you okay?

Emilia: I am, thank you very much for being with me.

Heilon grabs her hand and pulls her into a firm hug. This causes Emilia to blush and she just smiles and she reciprocates the hug, feeling warm and good.

Heilon: I don't want to rush you, but you should continue the trials. Everyone depends on you.

Emilia: I know, I know...


Emilia was ready to enter the Sanctuary again, but this time there was only Garfiel along with the Ryuzu clones. Emilia, after sighing and nodding quite confidently, enters the Sanctuary that shines again.

Garfiel: Captain, we already did what you asked of us.

Heilon: Well, thank you very much...I'll take care of the rest, you can rest now.

He said noticing the tiredness in Garfiel's eyes due to lack of sleep. They didn't sleep all night either.

Boya: Are you sure?

Heilon: Awww do you care about me? I appreciate it, but i can see your tiredness. So you can go to sleep and leave the rest to me, okay?

They really wanted to continue helping, but denying the offer to sleep with how sleepy they feel is quite difficult so they accept to leave.

Once they leave. Heilon creates two clones of himself who leave the place. One was for the plan he had with Echidna and the other is to keep an eye on Roswaal and Ram.

Right now Heilon was running with 20% mana and his body was starting to generate mana at high speed. He was even adapting to the mana drain.

The Sanctuary stopped shining and Emilia came out holding her mouth, trembling and with her eyes closed.

Emilia: I...I'm sorry.

Heilon ran towards her to grab her and hug her. Emilia hugged him back while she sobbed. Heilon again comforted her and later take her to rest.


Once again they were in Emilia's room. Heilon had placed her on her bed and waited for her to calm down to give her the motivational words she needed.

Heilon: It's okay, Emilia... I know you can do it, i trust that you are strong to overcome this.

Emilia: I know! And I don't want to disappoint you, disappoint all of you now that you all depend on me.

Heilon sits next to her on her bed to hold her hand and make her look at him.

Heilon: I know it's a lot of pressure. I won't ask what you've seen in your trials, but I want you to know that I'm here and not just me, we're all here. We are trusting you for this.

Heilon smiled honestly at Emilia as he puts on the blindfold. He holds her head and presses her forehead to his.

Heilon: When we get through this because we will do it together, I will tell you "I told you so" with a smile. So trust yourself, got it?

Emilia feels something warm in her heart and get away from him with a blush on her cheeks and ears.

Emilia: What I saw...what I think I saw was-

Heilon silences her by putting a finger on her lip. When she raised her eyes in surprise she only saw Heilon smile at her to remove his finger from her lips.

Heilon: You don't have to tell me. Save it, pass this trial and when you're really ready, tell me.

He gently places her head on his chest plus one of his hands to cover her eyes. It was embarrassing but his strange warmth prevented her from resisting, plus the gesture of covering her eyes with his hand calmed her somehow.

Heilon: This gesture was made by someone in my past life. It created trust by letting the other person cover your eyes and leave you in the dark but knowing that he is still there with you.

Or that was the explanation Raia once gave him. Emilia felt good, she needed this and more now that Puck was not with her, something that worried her a lot since he is usually with her always but at this crucial moment it seems that he disappeared.

Emilia: Could you stay? Holding my hand until I wake up? Please...

Now Heilon was her only emotional and supportive support in this complicated situation.

Heilon: Sure, Emily...

Emilia: Promise?

Heilon: I promise, Emily...

They stayed there in that same position until Emilia slowly falls asleep and Heilon slowly leaves her on the bed.

Heilon: Forgive me, Emilia.

Heilon brought his hands closer to Emilia's neck with the intention of squeezing it, but the necklace glow and Heilon's hands were frozen.

Heilon: There you are.

Heilon said as he walked away and warmed his hands with mana as he looked at the glowing pendant. Heilon reached out to place his finger on the pendant and begin repairing the contract that Roswaal had altered.

All this time he was practicing with magic for this moment. Puck was finally able to manifest in his physical form.

Heilon: I knew that if i put Emilia in danger, you would respond.

Puck: You played with fire, Heilon. I was a little scared that you would do something to Lia in my absence, but you always knew, part of me is glad you called me.

Heilon: Yes.

Puck: If you knew and could fix the pact, then why didn't you do it sooner? There's something you're up to, do you want me to erase you from existence?

Heilon: You can't even if you tried a thousand times. We're getting off topic, you should already know what I'm going to say.

Puck: What exactly do you want? You know who damaged the pact, right?

Heilon looks at Puck for a few seconds that felt like hours before quickly creating a clone that sits on Emilia's bed and holds her hand.

Heilon: We can go talk alone. You don't have to worry, my clone will take care of Emilia in our absence.

Puck was going to protest, but Heilon's voice and his presence made him hesitate. It was going to be a long conversation or more say, discussion.

Heilon and Puck left the house to walk away. Once away, Heilon uses [Astaroth] and creates a portal that swallows Heilon and Puck into another dimension.

Puck: What?

Being teleported to another dimension was not something one saw every day. Now they were in unfamiliar territory for him. That someone has this kind of power is something that makes Puck serious.

Heilon: Calm down, it's a safe place of mine. Here we can talk without being interrupted or having someone listen to our conversation. The one who damaged the pact is the person that you already suspect, Roswaal.

Puck closed his eyes as he deduced who it was, but Heilon confirms it. When he finishes this conversation, he will personally deal with Roswaal. He knew that trusting that clown was a bad idea from the beginning.

Puck: Well, what do you want to talk about?

Heilon: I want you to break your pact with Emilia, your Pact is partly interfering with Emilia's memories, suppressing them.

Puck becomes more serious and a cold begins to cover that dimension. Heilon, with his hands crossed, releases heat from his body that counteracts Puck's cold. He wasn't going to back down from the cat's threats.

Puck: How much do you know, Heilon Satsugai.

Heilon: I know many things, like the fact that if Emilia were to die, you would try to destroy the world...

Puck's gaze became more serious and sharp as the cold increased. Heilon simply sighs steam from his mouth.

Puck: Why should I? Lia is safer this way and besides, you have already repaired the damage to the pact. I should be with Lia, keeping her safe from this dangerous place but you stop me. A person with strange powers and unknown motives.

Icicles began to form around Puck. Heilon just shakes his head in disappointment, he helps Puck and watches as how he is paying him back, with threats.

Puck: Coming to this place after lying and releases your demonic power, bringing a smell comparable to that of a Witch.

Heilon: Emily is safe and I, like you, want the best for Emily, but you are in the middle of her growth since you protect her a lot. Don't talk about distrust with me when what I've been doing is helping her while you only watched!

Heilon said, clenching his fist in front of his face as he stopped suppressing the miasma from him, letting it out. The miasma came out like a black tide that even made the Great Spirit retreat a little.

Heilon: You know she hates the way she looks and you haven't helped her get over it, even making it a condition that she doesn't look in the mirror! What kind of father are you, letting Emily sink into darkness!? Everything I said in the mansion was always true!

Heilon grits his now sharp teeth to remove his blindfold and reveal his strangely shaped blue eyes.

Puck: Those eyes...

He had now noticed the true shape of Heilon's eyes.

Heilon: Don't talk about witches like they're the worst thing in the world when you call yourself the Beast of the End. When you're capable of destroying the world by losing someone! How different are you from the Witch of Envy!?

Puck's eyes widened at Heilon's words, but it still only served to fuel his anger even more.

Puck: YOU don't understand anything! You don't know what's best for Lia!

Heilon: And you do? You just want to keep her in the dark. You don't want to help her progress, mature, grow. You just want her to remain daddy's little girl forever.

Puck couldn't take it anymore and fired his ice icicles at Heilon with the intention of killing him. Heilon clenches his fists and black and red electricity covers his fist.

Heilon leaps forward and his fist full of lightning destroys all the ice icicles and hits Puck, causing an explosion of electricity, sending Puck flying backwards and crashing into a wall of that closed dimension, cracking it.

Meissa: Heilon, you haven't recovered from all your previous battles.

Hadar: You are very worn out.

Typhon: But the cat doesn't listen!

Heilon: I know...

Heilon was short of mana and exhausted, but in part, his blood was boiling in him and his combat spirit was increasing. Being in pressure situations like this caused a feeling of adrenaline in his being.

Puck: Ghn!

He made a groan as he actually felt that blow that made his entire body rumble. He felt the electricity run through him.

Heilon: Break your pact with Emilia and let her progress or I will have to make you listen and reason with my fists.

Puck: Why should I listen to someone like you?

Puck goes against Heilon and Heilon goes against Puck, they both collide with each other, struggling against each other.

Heilon: Because I'm the only one trying to help Emily it seems!

Slowly Heilon begins to win the struggle. Puck had noticed that Heilon was exhausted, but now he seemed to draw energy out of nowhere to make him retreat.

Heilon surrounds his fist with blue flames and red electricity to give Puck a fist that he blocks by creating an ice barrier. Heilon's fist manages to break the ice and pierce it, but most of the damage has been cushioned.

Puck was only pushed back with minor burns, but he fired several ice projectiles that Heilon dodged while his eyes glowed slightly pink when he used [Envious Eyes].

Heilon took out his gun and shot at Puck. Puck dodged some bullets, but others hit him, causing a slight wound since although he was a small cat, he had enough defense, although a bluish energy came out of his wounds that closed.

It was the mana that like blood come out of his body. Heilon begins to reload his weapons to which Puck flies towards Heilon trying to grab him while he reloads his weapons.

Heilon transformed his tail into that of a dragon and spun around to whip Puck and send him flying away. Puck now saw another of Heilon's rare abilities of modifying his body to his will.

Puck fired more ice projectiles that Heilon destroys with his own hands at high speed to go against Puck who creates several ice icicles and frozen barriers to defend himself from Heilon's blows.

Heilon was very fast and strong, reminding him of his fight with Roswaal in the Elior Forest. He had to take this fight seriously if he wanted to win this battle.

Puck and Heilon disappeared and appeared, colliding and exchanging blows with each other. Heilon covered himself in a blanket of lightning to go so fast that Puck had a hard time keeping up with him. No matter the blows he dealt or the ice projectiles, Heilon's body seemed to be too strong to be penetrated by his projectiles.

Heilon covered himself with a mantle of earth, increasing his strength and defense. Puck notices that Heilon's each hit became faster and more accurate. His power was increasing every second. Puck simply concentrates ice and creates a cloud of steam that covers them both.

Heilon: (Is he trying to blind me for real?)

Several fast attacks came from all directions, but Heilon waving his hand blocked the attacks or deflected them. Heilon could easily see Puck with [Envious Eyes] and [Soul Eyes].

Heilon absorbs the steam to fire it like a shotgun at Puck and get him away from him.

System: Alert-[Soul Eyes] and [Envious Eyes] are mutating together to evolve into a fused form.


Heilon: (Yes.)

I was going to take any help he could in these situations. Right now Heilon blocks with his hands a large block of ice that was shot by Puck. Heilon sacrifices the gift [Trance Eyes] to the evolution to increase his power.

Heilon feels a tingling and discomfort in his eyes, but his eyesight was improving.

System: The Authority of Envy has improved and the user has obtained [Leviathan Eyes].

-Leviathan Eyes: Improved version of [Envious Eyes] and [Soul Eyes] with the ability of [Trance Eyes]. The user can see EVERYTHING. The Authority is fused with the user's Singular Gift.

Heilon blinked and became disoriented as he was seeing things he had never seen before. His vision was full of colors as he was seeing everything 100 times more detailed.

He could see the mana that Puck was made of and the wind in the atmosphere, he was getting used to his new eyes as Puck noticed the change in Heilon's eyes.

Now they were deep violets and with the pupil more slanted like that of a dragon, but I noticed that he was somewhat disoriented so he fired several ice projectiles everywhere, but Heilon moved his eyes from side to side.

Everything moved in slow motion for him as he easily dodged the projectiles, but Puck had not finished when he summoned several ice stakes from the ground that Heilon jumped to dodge and spin in the air to go at Puck taking him by the head.

Once he had it in his hand, he squeezed his face and then started slamming Puck all over mercilessly, destroying walls and floors.

Puck is released with a large cloud of steam. Puck looked at Heilon as he felt pain all over his body, Heilon had really hurt him a lot by smashing him everywhere like a sack of garbage.

Heilon: Don't you see that i was just trying to help Emily!? I don't want this fight, but if to make you break the pact I have to do it by force then I will do it.

Puck covered himself with an icy blanket to go like lightning against Heilon. who only moves to the side dodging Puck's attack that destroys a block of that dimension, but he does not stop there since Puck continued bouncing around the place to hit Heilon.

Puck: Why should I trust you!?

Heilon: Emily trusts me just like she trusts you. Why should you choose over her? Because you think you know what's best for her!?

Puck was going to hit Heilon but he, using the Authority of Melancholy, increases the gravity where Puck was, causing the cat to crash into the ground, causing a large crater by the force. Puck was trying to get up, but gravity was crushing him to the ground.

Heilon thought he would have to use [Predator] to eat Puck's name and cause the pact to be destroyed in progress or use [Asmodeus] to destroy Puck's mind and control him into breaking the pact.

Although Heilon did not want this fight, he partly felt satisfied by hitting Puck, but was it fair that this Puck pay for the sins of a Puck from another universe? He didn't care as he knew that if it was Subaru in his position, Puck would be killing him mercilessly.

Puck seeing that his current state could not free himself from gravity, attempted to fire several icicles at Heilon but before he could even try, Heilon arrived and with a stomp crushed Puck's head into the ground, causing a deeper crater.

Puck, already fed up with this situation, decides to go all in so he begins to release mana from his body, causing Heilon to remove his leg from Puck's head and jump back when several ice stakes came out from around Puck.

Puck began to grow in size until finally turning into his beast of the end form. But the environment wasn't freezing and Puck noticed that he couldn't absorb the mana from the environment like he usually would.

Heilon: This dimension has no ambient mana. You cannot absorb anything until you leave the environment dry without mana and thereby cause that snowy storm.

The cold and snow is caused by Puck absorbing all the mana from the environment, but since this dimension never had ambient mana in first place, he cannot freeze everything around him. That's why he took it upon himself to take him to this dimension.

Heilon: You no longer have your infinite mana reserves like you thought you would, huh.

Heilon smiled as Puck listened in his huge form. Puck wondered how Heilon knew so much about his power and how to counter it. Heilon for his part was also limited since without environment mana, he cannot use [Mammon] to consume mana from the environment and does not have the help of lesser spirits.

Heilon: Since you increased your power, it would be only fair that I do the same.

Heilon used [Astaroth] to alter that dimension to his will and open the ceiling of that dimension. Puck could see how the roof opens revealing a floor where there was a sun eclipsed by a moon.

Heilon's aura begins to increase strongly. His power increased every second as his Divine Protection of the night sky and blue sky plus that of the Sun. This was the advantage of knowing the weakness of your opponents and using it to your advantage, he can feel like a god.

Heilon stomped his foot causing a wave that cracked the entire ground to go at Puck, using the Divine Protection of Wind and Lightning to cover himself in a blanket of wind and electricity going at a speed so fast that Puck only saw a blur instead of Heilon.

Out of nowhere, several electric shocks covered Puck's entire body, who instantly waved his paw to hit Heilon and send him crashing to the ground. Before Heilon could get up, he was crushed by a huge claw from Puck who now covers his claws in an icy blanket.

He wanted to freeze Heilon and destroy him into pieces, so he starts hitting Heilon with his claws, causing destruction on the ground while Heilon blocked the attacks but his body was filled with frost.

His body was adapting to the cold but it was still slowing him down. Heilon blocked the blows, landing his own that collided with Puck's claws. Thanks to the [Eyes of Leviathan] none of the attacks were hitting him directly and Heilon could counter it perfectly, but he knew that if he continued using them he would suffer the damage to his eyes.

Puck crashes his two huge claws into Heilon who stops them with his hands and begins to struggle. They both force each other, while they exerted force, Heilon's horn began to shine slightly.


Heilon: Huh?


Heilon heard a very low female voice in his mind and he couldn't concentrate on it since he was in the middle of a struggle with the Beast of the End. But he felt a slight headache, It was his horn that shone.

His horn glowed brightly and he slowly begins to release white electrical sparks that end in an explosion of energy that repels even Puck.



That voice kept whispering half-heartedly in his mind as his horn shone brighter and brighter. His head was starting to hurt little by little.

Satella: Heilon, focus...

Satella told him causing Heilon to stop focusing on his horn and block Puck's two powerful claws who puff out his cheeks and release a large icy mist against Heilon, freezing the surroundings.

If he couldn't freeze everything by absorbing mana from the environment, then he himself would do it with his own mana. It wasn't the best idea to spend mana now that he couldn't absorb from the environment but in this fight, it was all or nothing.

Heilon held on, covering himself with a mantle of blue flames, but with all the frost it was a fight between heat and cold. Heilon was releasing fire from his body as he struggled. He was feeling great discomfort and distress.

Heilon: (What is this?)

It was similar to the effects he gave him when he was in Oni Mode. With oni mode he felt Euphoria but here he was feeling the opposite

Heiko: You are suffering from the effects of "Dysphoria".

Heilon: (It's bothering me a lot.)

Heiko: It's normal. Your reactive power affects you in two ways, Euphoria and Dysphoria. When you feel Euphoria your power focuses more on evolving than adaptability. When you feel Dysphoria, it focuses more on adaptability than evolution.

That's why he felt so distressed and upset. His emotions affect his powers as well as vice versa. The strongest emotions would be Euphoria and Dysphoria. His horn continued to shine and release sparks that bothered him more and more.

Heilon: Ghnn!!! Ahh!


"Hold on..."


The voices inside Heilon's head disappear.

Heilon opens his eyes as his horn shines brightly. His horn was reacting. He wanted to destroy Puck, make him disappear from existence, besides, who needs a spirit as useless as Puck? He should just erase him from existence and tell Emilia that Puck just mysteriously disappeared.

Heilon stops his train of thought when he realizes what he was thinking. This Dysphoria was affecting him quite a bit.

Heilon's horn exploded into energy again, repelling Puck once more. Heilon gasps hard to let steam escape from his mouth.

System: Divine Protection of Heat and Divine Protection of Cold Acquired.

-Divine Protection of Heat: Total heat immunity and the user is able to produce heat from his body.

-Divine Protection of Cold: Immunity to total cold and the user is able to produce cold from his body.

Heilon feels the cold disappear completely. He had received two more Divine Protections, although this time he felt very different from the last time his horn gave him Divine Protections, plus his horn is still shining.

Puck recovers from the daze to see that Heilon was fine even in the icy fog, so he roars furiously as Heilon also roars back like a beast, even his sharp fangs increasing in size.

Heilon fills his fists with blue flames with electricity while Puck does the same but his claws are filled with ice. They both collide their respective elements causing a steam explosion, but they don't stop.

Both exchange elemental blows at high speed, causing explosions of power. Puck was losing mana at a high rate while it seemed like Heilon was regaining it his power increased with every second.

Puck: When I'm done with you, I'll make Roswaal pay! I will kill everyone who endangers Lia!

Heilon: It's understandable, but our ideals clash with each other. Emily doesn't want this from you.

Puck: What about you? You also keep secrets just like me! What is the difference between us!?

He said releasing another icy mist against Heilon who no longer affected him, but Puck fired several ice projectiles that Heilon quickly destroyed with his guns to quickly load them and empty his magazines at Puck.

The loaded bullets looked like cannon balls that collided throughout Puck's body who roared in pain. Heilon's horn released another wave of energy.

System: Divine Protection of the God of War and Divine Protection of the Unarmed Domain Acquired.

-Divine Protection of the God of War: The user can use any weapon and anything as a weapon with mastery.

-Divine Protection of the Unarmed Domain: The user gains mastery in unarmed combat.

Heilon moves like lightning, dodging Puck's ice projectiles to jump and deliver a powerful kick to Puck's jaw, causing him to almost spin Puck's head completely, but the force sends him flying away.

Heilon had the strength to destroy entire mountains with a single blow, no, destroy the world itself with his single fist.

He no longer cared that he continued to receive Divine Protections. Better for him, he wanted MORE. He wanted more divine protections.

Puck quickly recovers to spin and turn his tail into a spiked club of ice. The blow hit Heilon but he quickly recovered and grabbed Puck's tail to turn on his own axis and throw Puck against several pillars of that dimension, destroying them in the process.

The place was being completely destroyed and Heilon was liking the destruction he was leaving, but he had to finish the fight since destructive thoughts increased with Dysphoria.

He wouldn't be surprised if he accidentally killed Puck because of the murderous urge Dysphoria was giving him. It was so much that even his hair turned blue and his horn shone again.

System: Divine Protection of Immunity to Poison and Divine Protection of Immunity to Acquired Diseases.

-Divine Protection of Poison Immunity: The user is immune to poison and toxic environments.

-Divine Protection of Immunity to Diseases: The user is totally immune to diseases.

His horn continued to release electrical sparks as it glowed and a tattoo of black symbols covered Heilon's entire forehead.

Daphne: The horn is shining brightly.

Echidna: And it's having an effect on him.

The Witches could feel it, as Divine Protections appeared on Heilon's body. As they were connected to his Od, they could feel the Divine Protections appear in Heilon's Od.

Heilon gasps steam from his mouth to run against Puck who was waiting for him, showing his sharp teeth, the two collide, letting out a wave of wind that destroys the surroundings.

Puck and Heilon kept hitting each other.

Heilon: Why don't you just listen to me!? Let Emily take the trial and beat her past. Then you can go back to her!

Puck: You still don't give me any reason to trust you!

Heilon: What do you want me to do to prove it to you!? The fact that I try to talk to a person as selfish as you must be more than enough!

Heilon with the Authority of Lust changes into his dragon form and jumps at Puck, tackling him and slamming him into several pillars to bite his neck.

Heilon: I could easily leave you locked up here and forcibly cut the pact you have with Emily but I try to dialogue! Search reason in you!

He throws Puck against the floor while he releases another large icy mist from his mouth to push Heilon who returns to his normal form and then blocks Puck's two huge claws that were trying to crush him. Once again they were struggling with each other.

Heilon gritted his teeth tightly as his horn continued to release endless energy. The horn continued to offer Divine protections as Heilon desired. A burst of energy sent Puck flying away again.

This time the horn stopped shining and sparking, the masks on Heilon's forehead also disappeared. It had already fulfilled it purpose after causing so much destruction with that wave of power.

"Survive...until I wake up, please"

System: Various Divine Protections acquired. Divine Protection of the lake. Divine protection of the fog. Divine protection of the clouds. Divine protection of speed. Divine Protection of the Riding Domain. Divine Protection of the Domain of objects. Divine protection of the power of bleeding. Divine Protection of judgment. Divine Protection of trisection. Divine protection of clothing. Divine protection of telepathy.

Heilon received random Divine Protections from the horn from him. Some useful and some not so useful in the situation he was in now but he was still grateful to have them.

So many Divine Protections that even Heilon feels a slight burden in his own soul, in his Od. Heilon only gasps to release an aura of mana that cracks the ground. He even felt throbbing and a headache in his head.

He had to strain his eyes to not deactivate [Leviathan Eyes].

Puck was reaching his limit and knew that Heilon was just gaining power somehow so he starts to focus all of his mana into one last ice attack.

Puck: DIE!!!

He said to fire the attack against Heilon that in one movement he takes out Excalibur and in a second, just by shaking it in the air, he lets out a large wall of mana that begins to destroy everything in its path until it reaches Puck's attack.

Both attacks collided, but to Puck's surprise, Heilon's sweep attack destroyed his attack with ease and went towards him.

Puck tried to block it by creating a wall of ice but even so, Heilon's attack destroyed the wall and hit Puck, causing an explosion.

Puck was shaking. His body was very badly injured. The fact that he is really going to lose this fight and that Heilon will do whatever he wants with Lia bothered him and filled him with rage but he still had one last card.

He planned to destroy himself and use his part of the pact to destroy everything around him. If Emilia died, he would destroy the world but if HE died, there would be an explosion that could freeze the entire world.

He planned to commit suicide and wait for the freezing explosion to take Heilon with him, but before he could do anything, Heilon came out of the smoke and push him to the ground with a kick to his head.

Heilon puts his hand on Puck's forehead and uses [Mammon] to start draining all the mana that Puck was accumulating.

Puck could no longer maintain his beast of the end form and his body slowly loses size due to Heilon's mana drain. He tried to resist, but it was useless, he was too weak to do anything.

He returned to his cat form with his head being held by Heilon's hand who points his gun at Puck's face. Puck just closes his eyes.

Puck: (I'm sorry, Lia. I'm sorry I have to leave you like this)

His death never came and when he opens his eyes, he only sees how Heilon stops pointing his gun at him and puts it away.

Heilon: I will not kill you, my intentions remain the same.

Puck: Just what are you? Who you really are?

Puck asked really confused as to who Heilon was. What kind of monster was he he was dealing with? Now he was at the mercy of Heilon who just sighs as his eyes return to normal and he covers them with a bandage.

It really was an exhausting day and he wants nothing more than to lie in bed and close his eyes to sleep for a whole day, but that wish was not going to be fulfilled yet since he had a lot of work to do.

Heilon: Just someone who wants a happy and perfect ending, but for that I need you to cooperate.

He slowly puts Puck on the ground, Puck's body was a little transparent due to the lack of mana. Heilon gently places his finger on Puck's belly and begins pumping mana into his Od, even with his Capella Authority of Lust, healing his damaged gate.

Puck: Why?

Heilon: You can hate me, distrust me, I don't care. I just want a happy ending and in that happy ending you are with Emilia, but Emily must mature and overcome her past. Instead of helping her, you try to keep her in ignorance.

Puck just looks at Heilon in silence. He couldn't say anything in this situation that he was against the ropes and he could only listen to Heilon. Heilon could eliminate him and lie to Emilia, manipulate her like he himself has done.

Puck knew that Heilon could be just as manipulative as Roswaal or even worse with that power he possessed.

Heilon: You just have to trust me, let's help Emily grow and mature. You can't always keep her in the dark... I need you to be her guardian like you've always been, to know that Emilia will be okay, even if im not there by her side.

Puck: You talk like she's in danger...

Heilon: Don't act stupid, you and I know that Emily is a major target for the Witch Cult. Her clear connection to the witches and the path she has taken and more with Pandora having her in her sights.

Puck once again remains silent since what he said was true.

Heilon: She is a magnet for trouble and that is why you have a pact with her, that is why I need you, even if you are a selfish and self-centered cat. I need you to be with Emilia as her shield and also because I know that in part you want the best for her.

Puck: Tch...In part?

Heilon: Yes, in part...since also in another part, you don't want to help Emily progress, but we are getting out of topic. You only have to break the pact TEMPORALLY. When Emily is done with the trials and this whole mess, you both can make the pact again, BUT this time the conditions will be different.

Puck: Different? What are you planning now?

Heilon: Nothing about Emily not looking herself in a mirror and when one of the two dies the end of the world happens. I won't let her or you die anyway.

Puck: You speak with such confidence-

He stops when Heilon lifts some of his bandages and shows his blue eyes now with the pupil slit deep, with jaw marks in them. Those eyes of someone who decides between life and death.

Puck: You know that once I break the pact, the glass will break, right? That crystal is unique since it is strong enough to support me and thus make a pact.

Heilon opened a small crack in space and took something out of it. A pure colorless stone, even better quality than the one Emilia had now. Puck couldn't do anything but be surprised.

Heilon literally spent a fortune of his yellow points to buy it at the System store.

Heilon: I have one here and it's much better quality than the one Emily has. It took me a lot to get her so be a good cat and be grateful.

Puck: Can I really trust you?

Heilon: You can trust Emily to me. Just let her do the trials and then you can make the pact again with her.

Puck didn't have much choice but to believe in Heilon. He was literally defeated and if he continues to resist, he knows that Heilon will take drastic measures.

Puck: If anything happens to Lia, I swear-

Heilon: You won't do ANYTHING. Emily will be fine and besides, I already showed that you are no match for me.

Puck had to swallow his words and pride. He had no word at this point on this matter, bringing a smile to Heilon as he put away the crystal.

Puck just sighs as he recovers a little. Puck could feel Heilon's feelings, but all this time he was denying Heilon's determination and feelings.

His words and how much he wanted to help Emilia to the point of fighting with him. He could even feel... Love inside Heilon towards Emilia? He couldn't identify it clearly.

Entering Heilon's deep intentions and feelings was like entering a sea with high tides. Even if he wanted to deny it, he could trust Heilon at least this time.

Puck offers his small palm to which Heilon takes it.

Puck: Well...what's the plan?

System: New title acquired after a certain condition is met.

-Title of the Beast of the End acquired.

-Title of the Beast of Calamity acquired.


Emilia wakes up from her strange, nightmare-like dreams to look next to her and see that Heilon was holding her hand like he promised. Heilon just smiled sadly at her but before she could ask, he saw that Puck was floating in front of her.

Heilon: I'll give you both time alone.

Heilon said to let go of Emilia's hand and leave the room, leaving Puck and Emilia alone. Worried but happy Emilia talks to Puck.

Emilia: What a relief, where have you been? I was so worried... Don't ever disappear like that again.

Puck approaches Emilia and places himself on her hands.

Puck: Lia, I have to talk to you about something very serious. I have been with you all the time, but I can't tell you why i didn't show up for personal reasons and also for your own problems.

Emilia: Huh? No... what!? Please wait!

Puck: You just have to hold on for a little while without me.

Emilia didn't understand what Puck was trying to tell her, but she knew that when Puck got like that, it was about something very serious. Before her eyes, the glass on her chest began to crack to Emilia's terror.

Emilia: N-No, this is terrible, Puck! The stone... The stone you reside in...

Puck: I'm sorry, Lia. I would like to explain everything to you, but there is no time. Even though it hurts me. I will entrust you to a person who loves you so much after me for the moment.

Emilia was confused as her eyes filled with tears.

Emilia: There is no one, there is no one who-

Puck: Lia, I will break the contract between you and me. I'm really sorry it's like this out of nowhere. Once I'm gone, the seal on your memories will disappear. Remembering them will probably make you very sad.

Puck approaches Emilia's face, who was crying, to wipe away her tears.

Puck: Maybe you'll even want to cry more than you're doing now.

Emilia: No...

Puck: Yeah, that's fine. Lia... I love you more than anything in the world.

Puck ended up disappearing into particles while the stone on Emilia's chest ended up breaking and then causing Emilia to fall unconscious on the bed.

Outside the room, Heilon was holding the colorless stone that slightly began to glow. Puck had transferred into it.

Heilon: Good job, Puck.

Puck: Now do your part...

Puck's voice came out of the stone before he stopped glowing and fell silent. Heilon gently caresses his horn, thinking that it was that voice that whispered to him during the fight.

Heiko: It's Ekiria.

Heilon: (The fragment of Od laguna that is my horn? I mean, it make sense since my horn was crazy while her voice whispered in my mind...She has a mind of her own, can she talk to me? That didn't happen before when I got the others Divine Protections)

Heiko: Obviously not, The Unity like the World Rings next to your horn, like you, are slowly awakening.

Heilon: (You lost me again...What do you know?)

Heiko: Heilon, you are the Great Sage who existed 400 years ago and from 400 years ago you jumped to this time. You spent 4 centuries sleeping, in whatever that abyss is. Your body is like that of a person who woke up from a coma after 4 centuries.

Heilon just watches him progressing the information Heiko just gave him.

Heiko: Your body is awakening again, even if a few months have passed...your body continues to awaken and with it, the powers connected to you.

Heilon: (You mean the abyss you were in before you appeared in the Shadow Garden. You were conscious all this time. You remember everything... You are aware of what happened to me, right? What a stupid question, of course you know)

Heilon holds his face with his palm. Satella and Heiko knew what happened to him and kept him in the dark. He could expect it from Heiko who already trick him several times, but Satella? Well, she also kept Subaru in the dark.

Heiko: I know what you think and I'll tell you this, it's just not worth telling you. You will discover the truth sooner or later and when you discover it, you will regret knowing it and wish to continue in ignorance.

Heilon just stares into the eyes of Heiko who had a stoic look.

Heiko: Technically, you being ignorant is better, that's how the old you... Hankook would have wanted it. So enjoy your ignorance, even though I know my words will make you more curious.

Heiko simply sighs as he lies against the wall behind him.

Heiko: You don't know what a mess we are in, it's much bigger than just Re:Zero. Re:Zero is just the tip of the iceberg, the icing on the cake. These arcs are just the prologue to the problem. Satella and I know the big picture.

Heilon just stays silent and looks away tiredly. He really had to worry about thousands of problems at the same time, he had to find out what happened, why Subaru is not here, why the world changed so much, what happened with Hankook.

Heiko: If you want to know more about your history and what happened, the Satsu Watchtower should be your next objective, but obviously you should do arc 3 in the capital first, but we going off topic as always.

Heilon: (You always knew about the Ruler Authority that Satella talked about.)

Heiko: Well of course, as compensation I will tell you the truth. I was hiding and suppressing that Authority within you.

Heilon: (Will you tell me why? Hiding something this important from me, with each conversation only makes me distrust you more.)

Heiko: I did it for a good reason, but it doesn't matter anymore. My reason was to prevent "external superior forces" from detecting you, but when you transformed into the Oni god and released all that divine mana that even broke the barrier that covers this world, it stopped mattering.

Heilon: (External forces?)

Heiko: Yes, the divine influences that exist outside of this world that the Sentient Tree repels with the barrier, Beatrice explained that to you but returning to the topic, you were hidden and out of sight until you broke the barrier and released your energy outside. Now those external influences will detect you.

Heilon: (If you say it like that then it means it's very bad)

Heiko: VERY bad, you are completely screwed in a few words...The Ruler Authority is of Divine category so if you use it you will attract attention, but it doesn't matter anymore after what you did.

Heilon: (I don't suppose you'll tell me who exactly these influences are, but tell me next time. Now you can stop suppressing the Authority. If these "Influences" are as dangerous as you let on, then I need all the help I can get.)

Heiko: Very good, even if it didn't fully awaken now...You need to give it time and maybe some fighting can speed up the progress.

Heilon: (Combat? Why?)

Heiko: I don't know if you've noticed, smart boy, but your power, adaptability and evolution are most efficient in the heat of combat and pressure. I guess you haven't realized that.

Heilon: (Ha-Ha very funny, shut the hell up.)

Heiko: Wow don't start crying either, I'll stop suppressing the Authority.

When he said that, Heilon feels an incredible pain inside him, in his Soul. It's like they've hit his soul and cracked it.

He just sighs a little to calm the pain that quickly disappears leaving a slight throbbing pain. Now Heilon takes the opportunity to enter Emilia's room to put her comfortable in bed and wait for her to wake up.


One of Heilon's clones took one of Ryuzu's inferior clones to a clear place. He lays her on the floor. Typhon and Daphne looked curiously over Heilon's shoulders.

Echidna: What are you planning?

Heilon: A little experiment that I hope works. You were planning to use Ryuzu's body to resurrect, right?

Nihal: Will you give us a body?

Minerva: Do you plan to use this clone? But it's a very inferior clone... It won't work.

Echidna wanted to prevent Heilon from making the mistake of creating another Sphinx. Heilon knew about Sphinx and did not plan to fail.

Heilon: I'll make it work. With my new Authorities i will be able to make this work with this simple inferior clone. The fact that she has no mind or will of her own will make it easier, I just have to give her a stronger body to be a vessel for almost 40 witches and a door resistant enough to withstand so much magic.

Ara: What exactly are you planning?

Heilon: I will give you a physical body...It will be connected to me as well as to you, so you can manipulate a physical body. I'm creating an artificial familiar.

Heilon placed the clone next to the mountain of bodies from the witch cult and Mabeasts. He puts his hand on the clone's belly and begins to use the Authority of Greed on her. Red electrical sparks begin to emerge from Heilon's hand and cover the clone and the bodies.

Meissa: Is this another one of your Greed Authorities?

Heilon: Yes and no, this power you see was a unique ability of mine, but I was able to fuse it with the Authority of Greed to increase its effectiveness and potency.

Echidna: Can you do that? Incredible.

Heilon now concentrates to use transmutation on the bodies to create balance. Thanks to all the bodies, he made the clone's body a complete and strong one. He now uses the Capella Authority to modify the body.

After giving it strong modifications, he begins to pump a large amount of mana into the body to truly give it life with the help of his Authority [Mammon] absorbing large amounts of mana from the environment while the lesser spirits also helped. Heilon used [Beelzebub] to absorb lesser spirits and make something better.

He finally used Daphne's Gluttony Authority to make it a suitable vessel. He was playing god and that's always bad, but in this situation, he had to do it. Once finished he just looks at the lower clone.

Heilon: It's finished, now all that's left is for true Heilon to connect my Od with this one to finish it.

Heilon's clone was at its limit so he takes the body of Ryuzu's clone to leave the place after finishing his job.

The clone arrives at the house to deliver the message telepathically. The original body left the house after letting Emilia rest.

The clone leaves the body of Ryuzu's inferior clone on the ground and then Heilon's clone disappears, returning the little mana he had and the experience to the original.

Heilon takes the Ryuzu clone's body and retreats far from the place, deep into the forest. Once away he begins to connect his Od with that of the clone. He ends up making the contract.

Heilon: Well, Echidna...Do you feel the connection?

Echidna: Yes, I can feel it.

Heilon: Take the body... It's more compatible with you so you'll be the body's main host of it.

Echidna does as told and enters the body to take control. The body begins to change and modify to a slightly younger Echidna. She looked only a few years older than Heilon.

Heilon: This body will be called Ekidona. That will be the name they will carry while using this body... The name they will all share when they use it.

Heilon gives her his blessing for the nickname, losing all the mana he regained by absorbing from the environment. Ekidona approaches and holds him.

Heilon: Wow, do you care about me, Echidna?

Ekidona: We are companions, right? Also, if I don't do it, Satella might take my body by force. The others can pass their Od from me to the body, but they can only be in one place at a time. With me or with Heilon.

Kuu: Could you now explain how this body works?

Heilon: This body is half Great Mabeast and half artificial Great Spirit. A resistant and strong body for you to use without problem.

Daphne: Heirun made the first Great Mabeast of him, I'm proud of him!

Danica: Since when do you know how to make artificial spirits?

Heilon: Just forcibly take the information from Echidna's memories with my Authority.

Ekidona: Hey! You can not do that!

She said like a pouting girl. Heilon actually had to buy the information from the System and that's why he was consuming minor spirits with [Beelzebub].

Musca and Andromeda noticed the lie by look but did not press the matter further.

Heilon: Only one can take control per turn, so if you want to change places you must agree between yourselves or the body will lose control. Furthermore, it cannot use their Authorities for obvious reasons.

Heilon admits that he is proud of the first Great Mabeast and Artificial Spirit of his. Echidna now in Ekidona's body looks at her hands, she touches her body feeling alive after so long.

Heilon: Congratulations on your immortality... Now I need to go back to Emilia, you go to Ryuzu and apologize to her.

Ekidona: Wait what, really?

Heilon: Yes, seriously... You will apologize to everyone at the time, just enjoy your new body for now. Calm down, if I need you I can transport you to me since thanks to the contract we know where the other is at all times.

Ekidona only sighs to leave. The witches could decide at any time to move between Heilon or Ekidona. Heilon retreats while Ekidona remains in that place still progressing the fact that she had a body now.

Ekidona: This will be interesting...Heilon, you really are a gentleman when you put your mind to it.

When Heilon returns home, Emilia was no longer in bed and Heilon deduces what happened. He just sighs. Absorb mana from the environment to recover all lost mana as quickly as possible.

He leaves the house and walks towards the Sanctuary knowing that Emilia was there thanks to his sensory abilities. He was going to have a long talk with Emilia so that she could overcome the tests once and for all and end this damn arc.

Heilon arrives at the Sanctuary and enters seeing Emilia kneeling, sobbing until she notices Heilon's presence who slowly approaches her and then sits next to her to rest his back against the wall.

Heilon: Here you are, crying alone in the darkness of this hallway...I'm relieved that you're okay.

Emilia: Aren't you... angry?

Heilon: Emily, we're going to have a long talk, just you and me.


The Heilon clone guarding the house where Roswaal resided was turning around as usual. He made sure Roswaal didn't go out or try anything while he bought time for the original Heilon.

There was a lot of silence and calm. He became alert when he sensed a disturbance in the air to turn around and block an attack.

Heilon opened his eyes when he saw who he was now struggling with shoulder to shoulder.

Heilon: Ram...

He said seeing that it was Ram who attacked him from behind. They both struggled against each other, causing the ground to crack from the force of both of them.

Heilon tried to cast a spell to create a barrier around the house, but was stopped by Ram who punched Heilon to which he had to block it by taking her hand to continue struggling.

Ram was not playing and he could see it in her serious look. This look was very different from her typical serious tsundere look. Not only could he notice it but he could feel it. Her soul aura and his intentions were hostile.

From the house, Roswaal flies at high speed into the skies and disappears towards the mansion, to which Heilon tries to stop him, but Ram prevents him. He was simply a clone with almost no mana, his only purpose was to warn the original body if Roswaal tried something to buy time while the original arrived.

But he didn't expect Ram to attack him, although it must have been obvious with the loyalty Ram had to Roswaal. He had to ask her to buy time for him to escape. The clone planned to create a clone that would go after Roswaal but if he did so, he would lose half of all of his abilities and being just a clone, he would lose all opportunity and be destroyed by Ram.

If that happened, Ram would go after the original Heilon. He couldn't allow Ram to interrupt the moment between Heilon's original body and Emilia.

Ram: I won't let you escape, Heilon.

Heilon: Then I'll have to beat you!

End of Chapter.

To be continue...

Re:Zero-The Divine Paradox - Chapter 12 - HankookSatusgai - Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 (2024)


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